Ab Killers and Birthday Cupcakes

Abtacular Monday Workout:

9-22 calendarWhew, what a workout today!  My abs and obliques were super-sore today from yesterday’s workout, so needless to say, I really felt today’s Abtacular workout.  I especially liked the Extreme Abs and Abs on Fire today.  In Extreme Abs, at about 3:07 into the video where we move from legs straight up to lowering them out diagonally and doing a million crunches in various ways… oh… my… goodness.

There’s only one thing I have to ask, though.  Where was today’s new workout video?  I didn’t see a new one today, and I didn’t see a post on Facebook from Cassey saying there wouldn’t be a new one today for whatever reason.  Did I miss it??

Extreme Abs

Blogilates: Extreme Abs

Birthday Cake:

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday, so of course what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t make him birthday cake?  We made a really good cake for Valentine’s Day this year that was so good, we actually ended up eating almost the entire cake before we had to throw it away like usually happens after a few days.  So I figured that would be a good choice to make for him today.  It’s a chocolate cake with cherry flavored frosting on it.  I did pretty good, though.  Instead of baking it as a cake, I baked it as little tiny mini muffin cupcakes!  I gave one to my little nephew before I brushed his teeth and put him to bed tonight, and he didn’t even think twice about it.  He popped the entire thing in his mouth all at once!  It definitely helped on portion control for me, though.


And after I ate my little birthday cupcake, I did today’s workout.  Now I feel pretty good and I’m way beyond ready for bed.  So, until tomorrow!