My First Before/After Pics of 2015

Lots of good news this morning for me.  For one, my legs are not sore today like I thought they would be yesterday, and for two, I weighed myself at 149.7 this morning!  I’m feeling pretty good today.  I figured it would be a good day to take some before/after photos since it’s been a little over a week since I took my new “Before” photo on Jan 1.  Here’s what I got so far.

1-9-15 front

So on 1/1/15, I started out at 153.3 lbs.  Today, I’m at 149.7… Down 3.6 lbs so far in 8 days!  The front view I didn’t really see much difference in, which was a little disappointing, but since I saw results on the scale and in how my clothes fit, I didn’t let that get me too down.

1-9-15 sideThe side view, on the other hand, I can definitely tell some progress was made in the tummy area.  Hallelujah!!

I figure between my healthier eating for the past week, the #30DayFlatAbs Challenge, and the Blogilates and gym workouts, it’s apparent that it’s all doing some good.  🙂

orange chicken stir frySpeaking of healthier eating, I had a really good dinner tonight.   It was an orange chicken stir-fry with lots of fresh veggies: broccoli, carrots, zucchini, and onion, with some raw jalapenos, cilantro, and green onions garnishing the top.  The side was jasmine rice.  It was one of those salty-sweet mixtures of flavor that was just heavenly!

I didn’t do much of a workout today, since it was rest day, but I did do my day 9 of the #30DayFlatAbs Challenge… 35 reps of all 5 moves.  I try to do them all in different orders every day, so that I’m not only doing more reps every day but I’m still changing it up as much as possible to get the most effectiveness out of it.  Obviously, it’s doing something right!  🙂  No running or cardio today… but I hope to get a good run in tomorrow before I leave for Fort Worth for my nephew to visit family.


I Think I Killed My Legs Today

30 Day Ab Challenge day 8Day 8 of #30DayFlatAbs Challenge completed today.  I did 34 reps each of all 5 moves today, along with a bunch of other abs workout at the gym.  I pretty much beasted it at the gym today, and now the back of my calf muscles are KILLING me!!  I’m really not sure why, to be honest, because it’s not like I haven’t ran in a while.  I’ve been running nearly every day for a couple of weeks.  And it’s also not like I ran any further than normal either.  I did one mile straight at 5 mph, and then another half a mile doing intervals at 6 mph on the fast and 3mph on the slow.  I did some different variations of squats, lunges, and push-ups, and a whole bunch of ab work.  I also did a bunch of stretching, especially on my calves since they were already starting to feel tight and sore.  Needless to say, I think I’ll probably skip today’s Blogilates Toned Tummy Thursday workout.

Oh yeah, and then I went to see a movie.  Just an FYI… Into the Woods is a musical.  A very long musical.  I have no idea what I was expecting, but not a musical.

So yesterday I was checking Amazon to find some stuff for a gift card I received for Christmas.  I found a few things that I’m looking forward to coming in.  Then, I went over to Etsy to see if I could find some workout tanks with inspirational quotes on them and found some really cute ones at decent prices, so I ordered a couple of them.

train insane tank train like a beast tank


How are your workouts going so far this week?  Tomorrow is a rest/recovery day, so I’m looking forward to that.  I think it’s a great time for a rest since I have a feeling my legs are going to be so sore, it’s going to hurt to walk tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also yolo meal day, so I’m thinking about what my yolo meal will be.  Hmmm…

4 Good Luck Foods and Flat Abs for New Years

It’s the last day of 2014.  I can’t even believe it.  I’m home from work today because of some winter weather here in Lubbock, Texas, so I plan to make the most of it!  What movies should I watch??  Hmmm…

Today I wanted to post about the foods I like to eat for “good luck” on New Year’s.  These are traditions I’ve picked up through the years in one way or another.

4 Good Luck Foods for New Years

Black eyed peas with curried potatoes, carrots, and peas

Black eyed peas with curried potatoes, carrots, and peas

The first is Black Eyed Peas.  These are said to bring Good Luck for the new year.  This was the one tradition my family had growing up, so this is an old tradition for me.  Some traditions say you should eat one black eyed pea for each day of the year.  I don’t ever go that far, but I always make sure to eat these for New Years!

Cabbage Coleslaw

Cabbage Coleslaw

The next is Cabbage.  Some even say greens in general, such as Kale, spinach, or other leafy greens, as this is supposed to bring you Prosperity for the new year, and the green color is said to symbolize money.  This is a not quite as old of a tradition for me that started when I went away to college after high school.  I lived with my aunt and uncle who introduced me to this New Year’s traditional food… although their idea of cabbage was not exactly my idea of how to eat it!  Now, I don’t have any delusions of expecting to get rich on my social worker salary, but I do like to keep my bills paid and food in my tummy :).  What do you like to add in your coleslaw?  I like to add some dried cranberries to mine, along with the carrots.

Baked Pork Ribs (boneless)

Baked Pork Ribs (boneless)

Next on the New Year’s menu is pork.  Pork is a pretty new tradition for me that I was introduced to only a few years ago by some friends.  Eating pork is said to bring you Progress, as pork comes from the meat of pigs who only move in one direction – Forward!  This is to signify moving forward and not looking back this coming year… like Cassey says in the 2015 Fit Planner!

“Don’t look back.  You’re not going that way.”



And finally, the last item on my list of good luck charms for the New Year: Grapes!  Eating grapes right before the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve is said to bring you Good Luck, and some traditions say to eat one grape for each month of the year.  Some even believe that for each grape you eat, you can tell which months of the year will not be quite so lucky if a grape isn’t as sweet, for example, if the 7th grape is a little sour then July will be less lucky than other months.  I just started this tradition a couple of years ago as well when I started celebrating New Year’s Even with my boyfriend and his family.

Flat Abs for New Years

Blogilates 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge

Blogilates 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge

I’m pretty excited about the Blogilates 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge we’ll be starting tomorrow.  We’ll be doing this in addition to the #JanYOUary workout calendar… more on that tomorrow!  😉  Anyway, I’ve got my sheet printed off and ready to check some boxes, I’ve got my Blogilates 2015 Fit Planner ready to go, and I’m about to start working on my menu for the next couple of weeks to kick off the New Year with some steam. Other than that, I’ve got today’s workout, the last Blogilates workout of the year, and a Netflix playlist to keep me occupied for the rest of today, and tonight we’ve got some CELEBRATING to do!

Happy New Year!

Abs and Villain Costumes

Rock Your Core Wednesday Workout:

calendar 10-8Great workout today!  I’ve been running a mile before my workouts every day so that I’ll see faster results this month.  I’ve been feeling pretty good this month, too.  This month’s calendar is really good so far!

Today we had abs, abs, and more abs.  I substituted the Whoa Whoa workout for this week’s new video, 10 Minute Abs, which I really liked because it had lots of new moves we haven’t already done a million times already.  Keeping it fresh, for me, means I don’t get tired of it.  🙂  Plus, there’s just something about Whoa Whoa workout that I cannot keep up with.  I don’t know why.


Harley QuinnEvery year at my work, we coordinate a Trunk or Treat for the kids we work with.  This year, my unit was paired up with another unit of people we don’t know who work in a different building and do completely different jobs from what we do, and the other unit chose the theme of Villains for our “Trunk” station.  We’re all going to dress up like villains.

My villain… Harley Quinn.  Not quite so skanky-version, of course, as this is my job and is for the enjoyment and entertainment of little children, and all.

I got my costume items from Amazon, so I’ll basically just be a cheesy pieced-together version of Harley Quinn.



Now I’m sad I didn’t choose Maleficent or Lord Voldemort, but this one will do.  And bonus!  I have a HUGE motivation to stick to my workouts hard core this month, because I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to lose some of my stomach pudge before I have to wear my costume on 10/31.  🙂

What are you going as for Halloween this year?  Any ideas or do you already know?  Anything at all?

harley quinn accessoriesharley quinn topharley quinn pantsharley quinn undershirt

Sunday 2 for 1 and Blogilates Total Bodylicious Workout

I have 2 workouts to do today.  First up is yesterday’s playlist…

Rock Your Core Saturday Workout:

calendar 10-4I wasn’t able to do this workout yesterday when I was supposed to because of a trip to Fort Worth for my nephew to visit my brother.  I had to get some things done earlier in the day before we left, and then we spent the afternoon driving.  I was sad I missed the workout yesterday, since I made it a goal to do more workouts (and blog posts) this month than I did in September.

So instead, I did this workout today while my nephew was napping, plus I ran a mile before hand.  It felt pretty good.  That was before dinner tonight.  To be honest, I felt like yesterday’s Rock Your Core workout was a little underwhelming after Wednesday’s killer workout.  My abs were sore for a couple days after Wednesday!  But it was still a good workout, though.  It just didn’t zero in on the abs as much as I had hoped.  🙂

Butt Lift Sunday Workout:

calendar 10-5Now that I’ve eaten my dinner (baked pork ribs, beans, and salad), it’s time to do today’s workout.  Today should be a good one, too.  Especially with Hips Butt N Thighs and the Beach Ready Butt workouts.  Those are both killer!

As you can see, there’s another secret workout video on today’s playlist that you can’t find on YouTube… this is one that you have to subscribe to the Blogilates app monthly calendar to be able to get.

Blogilates October Exclusive Video: Total Bodylicious Workout

Blogilates October Exclusive Video: Total Bodylicious Workout

If you just can’t splurge that whole whopping $0.99 a month for the calendar subscription in the app to get the Total Bodylicious Workout, I’d recommend subbing the Perfect Legs workout for it, since there are several similar moves.  😉

Is everyone ready for the week?  Oh, I have to go transfer some laundry loads!!  Before I forget again.  TTFN 🙂

My Core Has Been Rocked

Rock Your Core Wednesday Workout:

calendar 10-1She wasn’t kidding when she said this workout would “Rock Your Core.”  I just finished today’s workout, and I don’t think I could do another double-leg-lift if I tried.  Is it just me, or does it seem like Cassey really loves those double leg lifts?  They’re definitely a good, effective move.  I tend to do those a lot when I’m laying around in front of the TV.  Those and bridge pulses, which I’m sure looks totally normal should anyone happen to walk in the room while this goes on.  🙂

How did everyone else fare on our first day of #ROCKtober workouts?  That 5 minute fat burner at the beginning of the workout was definitely a good way to kick it off.  I was working pretty hard to catch my breath in some parts of it.

I really like the simplicity of the Quick Ab Workout.  It’s only 2 moves in about 3 minutes, but I really feel like it zeroes right in to some good spots we could all use a little work on.

Do you have a favorite video for today?  Least favorite?  I really like all of these today.  Especially Extreme Abs.

oGorgeous Order:

I’ve been thinking about getting some new Blogilates gear to wear to work out in.  So, since I got paid today, I thought I’d head over to the oGorgeous Gym Boutique and see what new goodies I could find that I couldn’t live without.  I found a couple things that I think I’m going to order tonight, unless I talk myself out of it.

beast shirt

I Am Beast in White Cheetah

beast shorts

Side Scrunch Booty in Highlighter

What do you think?  Should I get them?

contour jacket cobaltIf I had the money, I’d really like to have the Bodypop Contour Jacket in Cobalt… but alas, I just can’t justify dropping the $90 on it.  We social workers have to make due with our meager wages, after all.  🙂

Ab Killers and Birthday Cupcakes

Abtacular Monday Workout:

9-22 calendarWhew, what a workout today!  My abs and obliques were super-sore today from yesterday’s workout, so needless to say, I really felt today’s Abtacular workout.  I especially liked the Extreme Abs and Abs on Fire today.  In Extreme Abs, at about 3:07 into the video where we move from legs straight up to lowering them out diagonally and doing a million crunches in various ways… oh… my… goodness.

There’s only one thing I have to ask, though.  Where was today’s new workout video?  I didn’t see a new one today, and I didn’t see a post on Facebook from Cassey saying there wouldn’t be a new one today for whatever reason.  Did I miss it??

Extreme Abs

Blogilates: Extreme Abs

Birthday Cake:

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday, so of course what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t make him birthday cake?  We made a really good cake for Valentine’s Day this year that was so good, we actually ended up eating almost the entire cake before we had to throw it away like usually happens after a few days.  So I figured that would be a good choice to make for him today.  It’s a chocolate cake with cherry flavored frosting on it.  I did pretty good, though.  Instead of baking it as a cake, I baked it as little tiny mini muffin cupcakes!  I gave one to my little nephew before I brushed his teeth and put him to bed tonight, and he didn’t even think twice about it.  He popped the entire thing in his mouth all at once!  It definitely helped on portion control for me, though.


And after I ate my little birthday cupcake, I did today’s workout.  Now I feel pretty good and I’m way beyond ready for bed.  So, until tomorrow!

This Week’s Workout Overview

It’s already Tuesday?  The days are getting away from me before I know it.  I knew I’d be a lot busier once my nephew got here, but even after I put that little guy to bed at like 8:00 p.m. every night, I’m so tired!  Did I mention before that I never want to have kids?  It’s true.  And here I am.  So here’s the line-up of workouts for the week, in case I can’t post as often as I’d like, as has been the case for the past week and a half already!

Total Body Tone Sunday:

Always exciting when you have the Ultimate Hot Body workout, and even better when it’s followed by Train Like a Beast Look Like a Beauty.  These two are ones I always have fun doing.

Abtacular Monday:

The fat destroyer workout is a really good cardio/Hiit workout.  I’ve really been impressed with that one so far in the few times we’ve done it.  I always think 8 Minute Abs is so funny.  I grew up in the ’80s so I can relate to this video on so many levels, but there’s nothing like going back to the basics to get your abs worked out once in a while.

Legs & Butt Tuesday:

Today we get a good booty workout.  My favorite video for today is the 5 Best Thigh Slimming Exercises.  I can always feel this one working really well while I’m doing the moves.

Hump HIIT Wednesday:

I like how this workout starts out with a Love Handle workout, then goes to a cardio, back to Abs, and then ends with more cardio.  For me, it’s never fun to just do a bunch of cardio exercises, but I do love abs exercises and especially love handle exercises.

Arms & Back Thursday:

The last video for Thursday is another one of my favorites, even though it’s one of Cassey’s older videos.  I like how you don’t need any weights or anything, but you can really feel it working your back.  My back is one thing I think I don’t work out enough, so this will be a good line-up for today.

Rest Day Friday:

It’s the day of rest, and while usually I make myself take rest on Fridays because I know it’s good to give your muscles a chance to rest and renew, this Friday I am going to go ahead and get a workout in.  I’m not even going to feel guilty about it, either, because I missed more than a workout or 2 last week so I have some making up to do!

Cardio Core Saturday:

And finally, there’s Cardio-Core Saturday.  That 4 Minutes to a Hot Body workout is tough!  And that’s even doing the whole thing on my knees instead of the straight plank.  It’s definitely a lot harder than it looks when you get down and actually do it.  Other than that one, I also really like the Heart on Fire workout.

Well, that’s it for this week!  How is everyone doing on their food intake?  I’ve actually still been doing pretty good on mine, even on the days I haven’t been able to get my workouts in.  Yesterday I had a 100 calorie Greek Yogurt for breakfast, a Thai curry soup for lunch, and Turkey meatballs in marinara with a side salad for dinner.  Today another yogurt and lunch was some leftover Korean Stir Fry.  MMMMMmmm 🙂

Food Baby Be Gone

It’s been a crazy week so far!  Monday and Tuesday I was so sick with a stomach virus, I didn’t even THINK about doing my workouts.  😦  I’m so behind, I’d try to catch up by doing all the workouts I missed, but at this point, I think I’ll just jump back into the flow instead.  On a positive note, I’m pretty sure I had a 24-hour “viral cleanse” and lost a pound or two from not being able to eat and from everything that was purged from my body.  (I can laugh about this now, looking back on it.)

Hump HIIT Wednesday Workout:

9-10 calendar

Food Baby HIIT!  What?!  Oh yes, this is seriously one of my favorite cardio workouts.  I make myself do this workout any time I go out to eat somewhere and over-indulge myself to that overly stuffed feeling.  I don’t do that nearly as often as I used to anymore, which is really an accomplishment for me.  I used to be one of those people who couldn’t tell if I was full or not.  I would just always feel hungry.  If it tasted good and there was still some left, I’d still be hungry.

Not anymore!  Now I portion things way more appropriately.  Not to mention I’ve been eating much better food on a nutritional level, so I get full on a lot less food.


Except I’m not gonna lie.  I’m probably not going to do the Hot Summer Dance workout.  I never do it.  I just don’t like it.  I can’t keep up.  I am coordinationally challenged.

More On My New Little Home Member:

As I mentioned in my last post, my 2 year old nephew is now living with me for a little bit, so I’ll be taking care of him for a while.  I’ve never had kids before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect on how it might go.  So far, so good, though!  We are learning every day, and he is learning new things everyday.

The first night we had trouble with bath time, but now we’ve figured out that if we let him climb into the bath tub on his own terms, he will do perfectly fine and have all kinds of fun in there. We also started turning off the air conditioner before he gets in the bath so he doesn’t get cold.

Yesterday was a tough day; he woke up fussy to begin with, and then he had a doctor and dentist visit. He had to get a TB test and some blood taken for a lead test at the doctor’s office, and he was not a happy camper.  The dentist appointment went much better, and then we went home for lunch and a nap.  He didn’t want to eat much at all yesterday, so I think maybe he didn’t feel too good.  Poor little guy.  Today was much better.

Abtacular Monday and Princess Hair #SeptTONEber

Abtacular Monday Workout:

9-1 calendarI am in love with the new workout video for today!  We got a new song challenge with one move – the candlestick dipper.  Has anyone tried it yet?  Wow…  Besides that one, I think my favorite video for today was the 5 Minute Ab Express.  I do this one a lot when I’m just looking for some extra ab videos to do.

Does anyone else have trouble with your feet slipping further and further back doing the Waist Whittler Challenge?  I don’t know if this is normal, or if I don’t have the core strength I need to keep this from happening.

Princess Hair:

Yesterday, I decided that it was time to try a new way to style my hair.  I never do anything different with my hair, ever.  Every day, I wash it, blow-dry, and straighten it.  That’s it.  Same thing every day.  When I work out, I pull it back in a pony-tail.

princess hair - frontSo what does any smart girl do when she’s looking for new ideas on anything?  Of course, I took to Pinterest.  I found a lot of cute styles, but my main goal was something simple enough that I could do myself and hopefully be able to replicate if I ever wanted to try it again.

So this is what I ended up with.  It turned out to be so easy and my boyfriend now calls it “Princess Hair” because he says it makes me look like a princess.  (He compared me to a picture of Snow White.)

princess hair - sideAll I did was take a headband and place it around my head, over my hair, with the back of it sitting at the base of my skull, and the front of it even with my hair line.  I let my hair hang straight down.  Then starting on one side, then the other, from front to back, I just took small sections of hair and wrapped it up to tuck into the headband.  Once I got to the very back, I just did the same thing.  The headband holds all the hair in place but you can use bobby pins to help hold any areas where needed.

Here’s a good “how-to” demonstration I found, although it was not the original Pin I found as inspiration.  It does a really good job of showing exactly what I did.  The good news: I was able to replicate it today before I went to see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie at the Lubbock Alamo Drafthouse.

Chignon Headband how-to