Feeling Good and Favorite Workouts


Yesterday evening it was raining pretty heavily here in Lubbock, Texas.  So after I made dinner and got my nephew to bed, I rolled out my yoga mat, opened YouTube from my Xbox, and did the Blogilates daily workout.  I just felt really good with the back door open listening to the rain on the back porch pavement, and doing the stretches and the workouts.  I wish every day could feel that good!

I always love that Ultimate Hot Body Workout, it is one of my very favorites!  And there’s also something kind of relaxing about that Standing Pilates workout we had yesterday, especially with that elephant walk.  But I really really love the new “Abs in a Flash” 3 minute workout that was the new workout video we got for this week!  I’d say that might be one of my new favorites.  I like how it moves from one ab exercise straight into the next.  And it’s only 3 minutes so it makes me want to push myself because I’m like, it’s not that much longer!  I can do this!


First Look at the #Blogilates #NoMAYbes Workout Calendar

5 - noMAYbesHere we are at the start of May.  For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is just around the corner, and everyone is getting into beach body mode.  I have to say that I am really looking forward to summer this year myself, because this is the first time in probably my whole life that I’ve been in good enough shape to actually be seen in a swim suit!  This month also marks one full year that I’ve been doing the Blogilates workout calendar.

This month’s calendar contains the following:

  • Sunday – Cardio Core
  • Monday – Total Body Burn (New workout video posted weekly)
  • Tuesday – Legs & Booty
  • Wednesday – Ab Mania
  • Thursday – Sexy Back & Arms
  • Friday – Stretch & Relax
  • Saturday – Total Body Burn

As always, you can access the daily workout playlists HERE.

may 2015 exclusive videoMonthly Exclusive Video – 5 Minute Slim Thighs

Each month, Cassey releases an exclusive workout video that shows up on the workout calendar playlist line-up at least a time or two.  This month’s video is “5 Minute Slim Thighs.”  This one is a very short and sweet one, only 4 moves, and the entire video is only 6:43 long.

The thing about the monthly exclusive videos is, you won’t find them by searching the title on YouTube like all the other videos on the workout calendar.  This video can only be accessed by downloading the Blogilates smartphone app (free) and subscribing to the monthly workout calendar within the app ($0.99 per month).

In my experience, I think it could go either way on whether you think it is worth the dollar a month to pay for the monthly calendar in the app.  For me, it has been helpful when I take my workouts to the gym with me and I still want to do my Blogilates workout.  But in the grand scheme of things, you’re only missing (in this case) one 5-minute portion of an hour-long workout.  You can fill that with the moves from the 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge at a minute a piece.  Or this…

And there you have it… the workout plan for May!

5/02/2015 Selfie

5/02/2015 Selfie

My Next Ten Beats to Run To

A while back, I posted a list of my Top 10 Songs to Run To.  Well, it’s been a while now, and I’ve come up with a few more songs to add to this list.  So I thought I’d make a new post with my running playlist.  These are in no particular order, and you’ll probably notice the type of beat I like to run to with these additions.  I hope you enjoy!

To start it off, here is my full Spotify Running Playlist.  I update it fairly often with new songs.

1. X Ambassadors – Jungle

2. Tinie Tempah – Trampoline

3. DJ Fresh/Diplo/Dominique Young Unique – Earthquake

4. Jay Z/Kanye West – Who Gon Stop Me

5. Yo Gotti/TI – King Sh*t

6. Ludacris – How Low

7. T. Pain/Joey Galaxy – Booty Wurk

8. DEV/The Cataracs – Bass Down Low

9. Enur/Natasja – Calabria

10. Shaggy – Boombastic

#Aprilates Almost Gone, But…

selfie 4-25-15Hey guys, so it’s been several weeks since I’ve posted.  I know, this is really terrible.  Let me just say, this has been one seriously terrible month for me…  it started with a full week of a stomach virus… and no gym or workouts.  Week 2 was a full week of the flu (again, no gym or workouts), followed by another full 2 weeks of bronchitis (STILL have bronchitis).  Then, last Sunday, my grandma died.  😦  So I spent a couple of days out of town for the funeral.

But for the past week, I have been getting my workouts in, at least.  Today was my first day back at the gym, though, and boy did I not even realize how much I missed that place.  I can tell I’ve lost a lot of my progress in a lot of areas, but the good news is I have still maintained my weight at 145 or less throughout all this craziness.  My pants are even fitting looser in the legs, but I suspect this is from losing some muscle.

Anyway, I’m really excited to get back in the swing of things and my routine.  Even though I’m still coughing, I feel better today than I have in a long time.  So here is what I missed posting earlier this month:

#Aprilates Workout Calendar

4 - AprilatesWhat I really like about this month’s calendar is Total Body Series Mondays.  It takes several of the various workout video series that Cassey has put together for an organized total body workout.  I thought that was a really good idea.

As always, I have all the playlists put together for each day HERE.

exclusive video april 2015I also really like the Exclusive Video in the Blogilates app for this month, the Spring Morning Workout Routine.  It’s a lot of good stretching to get you nice and loosened up, and a little bit of ab work to go with it.

And let’s not forget this month’s 30 Day Sleek Arms Challenge.  I wonder if there will be any more of these 30 day challenges after this month, or if this will be the last one.

30 Day Sleek Arm Challenge

So there you have all the stuff for April.  We will get the new workout calendar for May in just a few more days, which will mark a full year since I started doing Blogilates!  I really can’t believe it, honestly.  I’ve never stuck with a workout routine this faithfully and consistently as I have Blogilates, and nothing has worked for me as well as this has.  I’ve been amazed at how easy it’s been to reach my goals, and how good I’ve felt in the process of reaching them.

hot body year aroundOh, and I have one more thing for today… has anyone else gotten the Hot Body Year Around book?  I ordered mine, along with the free tote bag that came with the pre-order purchase, and it has some really good stuff in there.  I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes.

First Look at the #Blogilates #MARCHofthePOPsters Workout Calendar

3 - March of the Popsters#MARCHofthePOPsters Workout Calendar

Is February seriously already over?  Wow, I feel like the whole month just got away from me.  But that’s ok, because we have another new beginning this month with a brand new work out calender.  This month’s line-up:

  • Sunday: Bunday
  • Monday: Legs & Thighs
  • Tuesday: Core Crusher
  • Wednesday: Hump Day HIIT
  • Thursday: Arms N Back
  • Friday: Relax N Revive (with this month’s exclusive workout found in the smartphone app)
  • Saturday: Total Body

If you need the daily YouTube playlists, I have them all ready HERE.

This Month’s Exclusive Video

March 2014 exclusive videoThis month’s exclusive workout video, which can only be found in the Blogilates smartphone app (free) by subscribing to the monthly calendar ($0.99 a month), is called Revitalizing Stretch Routine.   So naturally, you’ll see it on the “Relax N Revive” Fridays on the calendar this month!

But here’s what I’m really excited about this month…

30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge

30 Day Thigh Slimming ChallengeSo this month’s 30 day challenge is targeting the thighs!  These 30 day challenges are really exciting, because they really feel like they’re working.  What do you think next month’s will be?  My guess is going to be something to do with the arms.  We shall see!


I’m Still Here

I know, I know.  I’ve been pretty quiet these past couple weeks.  But I’m still here and still working hard every day!  This week I’m back down to 146 lb, which is only 6 lb away from my initial goal weight!!  This morning when I put on my dress pants for work, my new(ish) size 8 pants that I just had to go buy a couple months ago because my size 10s were too big for me, are now feeling loose, too. 


Needless to say, I’ve been working my butt off.  I went to the gym last night to run and do my Pilates workout.  I’ve been keeping up with my healthy eating choices.  And last night I even started some meal prepping so that everything would be ready for me to just put on to cook tonight when I get home from work.  Thank goodness I had some leftover stir fry in the fridge last night, because I did not feel like cooking anything at all yesterday evening when I first got home from work.  Luckily after I got home from the gym, I had a lot more energy and motivation.

First Look at #FABruary Calendar and #30DayButtLift

Blogilates #FABruary Calendar

2 - FABruary

Blogilates #FABruary workout calendar

The #FABruary calendar is here!  As always, this calendar does not disappoint.  28 days of varied workouts to burn the fat, tone the body, and keep it new and fresh every single day.  If you need proof that it works, just check out my progress from last month’s calendar!  I love these workouts and I love the results.

This month we have the following daily lineup:

  • Sunday – Sweat ‘N Shred
  • Monday – Butts & Guts (with a brand new workout video on YouTube every week!)
  • Tuesday – Cardio Core
  • Wednesday – Upper Bod
  • Thursday – Legs & Thighs
  • Friday – Flexible Friday
  • Saturday – Sexy Saturdays

I’ve got all the playlists set up on my YouTube channel for me to go right to when I get ready to work out each day.  Anyone who wants access to those, the playlists are HERE.

This Month’s Exclusive Workout Video: All About That Butt

all about that butt video

Blogilates February Monthly Exclusive Video: All About that Butt workout


Every month, there is an exclusive workout video listed on the workout calendar that can only be found in the Blogilates smart-phone app (free) by subscribing to the monthly calendar ($0.99 a month).  This workout is just under 8 minutes, and it’s packed full of great booty workout moves.  If you just can’t subscribe to the app calendar, then I’d say you could probably swap this video for either Bubble Butt Workout or Butt Lift & Slim Thighs (or both if you really wanna!).  This month, the exclusive video is only listed twice on the workout calendar for Monday’s Butts ‘N Guts on the 9th and 23rd.

#30DayButtLift Challenge

30 Day Butt Lift Challenge

Blogilates 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge

This month it is all about the booty!!  There’s a new 30 day challenge like last month’s #30DayFlatAbs Challenge, this time focusing on tightening and toning up your butt.  I’m really excited about this one!!  Butts seem to be the thing to have now-days, right?

The different moves for this challenge:

  • Squats
  • Pointed Butt Lifts (repeat reps for each leg)
  • Fire Hydrants (repeat reps for each leg)
  • Heel Kicks (repeat reps for each leg)
  • Bridges

This one I feel like I’m on a more even playing field for, where I can may actually be able to do the number of reps it says to do for each day.  Last month, the few reps in the first couple weeks didn’t really feel like anything for me since I’m so used to working my abs doing the calendar workouts most days, so I started out with the max number – 22 – of all 5 moves on day 1, and added more every day.  I ended up with a little over 50 reps for each move by the end of the term, which was pretty intense!  I almost want to keep it up every day, just so I can keep seeing that progress.

Well, there you have it!  Everything you need to get your workout on for this month.  I’m so glad I found this community to help me make the lifestyle changes I’ve been trying to make while not really knowing how to for so long… years.  The exercise part has made a huge impact, but I think even more so has been the clean-eating part of it.  I’ve finally gotten to a point where I enjoy making clean, healthy meals, and making better choices when I go out to eat in restaurants.  That was really hard for me, the hardest part, actually.  I know that everyone has to find what works for them, what they really love doing, because that’s what is going to work for them.  This has definitely been what I’ve needed.

Ohhh, and I pre-ordered my Hot Body Year Around book yesterday that just came out on pre-order…  looking forward to seeing what recipes are in there and what else I’ll find in there!

Last Day of #JanYOUary with Before/After Pics

It’s a beautiful, rainy morning here in Lubbock, Texas, today.  I should be grabbing my running shoes and my road companion to go out for a jog in it!  The only problem with that is, my running companion gets ear infections when he gets water in his ears.  😦


Jan 30, 2015

I went to the gym last night after my boyfriend brought me home some pad Thai for dinner… mmm, a big yummy bowl of carbs!  The thought was nice, but I don’t think he gets my goal and how I’m getting there.  So, like the polite Southern girl that I am, I ate enough of that pad Thai to get by with, and hauled my butt-in-progress to the gym!

And at the gym, I worked my butt off!  I ran 2 miles straight (5mph) on the treadmill to start with.  Then I went over to do some squats and lunges with a weight ball (the ones with handles on the side) with a few other Pilates type leg exercises.  It turned into a 2nd leg day, basically, which is good since the leg muscles are the biggest muscles in your body and burn the most calories, right?  I also did a bunch of abs, mostly lower abs.  I worked the heck out of my abs!!


Aside from the pad Thai for dinner, I did fairly good yesterday on food, too.  I had this Western style omelet for breakfast, with a side of fruit instead of hash browns.  I didn’t end up eating the whole wheat toast.  Or the weird blueberry cream stuff that came on top of my fruit. I drank coffee with no-calorie sweetener and some cream.


For lunch I made a quick run to Subway and got a flat bread sandwich, and didn’t eat the baked Lays potato chips that came with it.  Still drinking lots of water!

Today… is the last day of the #JanYOUary workout calendar and yesterday was the last of #30DayFlatAbs.  That means we’ll be getting a brand new calendar, #FABruary, sometime today!  We are also getting a new 30 day calendar to tone up the booty – the #30DayButtLift Challenge!  Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this!

So today is the last Fat Burn Focus workout.  Cardio, cardio, cardio.  I usually just do my own cardio instead of the cardio videos, so I’ll probably do the same and head to the gym again today.

Before and After

before-after 1-31-15So here’s my next Before/After for this year!  It looks like #JanYOUary and #30DayFlatAbs was overall a pretty good success for me!  (Just ignore the fact that I just got out of bed and haven’t showered yet today.  I know, I look a little rough!)

before-after 1-31-15 sideI can see a lot of difference in my stomach, which is my biggest area in need of progress.

The scale?  Well, I actually gained weight since my last Before/After photo on 1/9/15, but my body fat percentage has gone down, and obviously you can see some toning up going on.  The scale is not always the best indicator of progress!!!

Today’s weight: 151.4 lbs

Body Fat Percentage: 32.5 %

Just Run With It

Run TimeHey guys!  I just got home from a nice run around my neighborhood.  The weather has been amazing the past few days this week, so I’ve been taking advantage of it and getting out for some sunshine while jogging the dogs.

How has the week been going so far?  It’s already half way over.  This week, it’s still been busy as usual.  I got in some gym time on Monday evening.  I had already done my running at home with Rogue, so I did a little bit of time on the elliptical machine that day instead of the treadmill like usual.  It felt like a pretty good workout, actually… that is, until I lowered the incline all the way down to a 1 and completely broke the machine.  I’m not even kidding.  The tracks went completely crazy with some plastic piece in the middle going kind of sideways, and that was the end of that.  Laugh out loud!  Then I headed over to get in my Pilates and lifted some weights for a great arm workout on Monday.  My arms are still a bit sore!

Yesterday, the only workout I got was running with Rogue around the neighborhood again, since I had to supervise another Skype visit with my nephew and his mother.  It was a great run, though.

But today, it’s Lean Legs day and I’ll be working on these videos as soon as I put my nephew to bed for the night.

The last thing I want to say for today is… how are not all Greek Yogurts created equally?  When I shop at my regular grocery store close to my house, I always get the Greek Gods brand of Greek yogurt.  It’s so good, tasty, and creamy.  Well, this morning, I stopped at a different store close to where I work so that I could get some fruit to re-stock my fruit bowl at work, and I meandered over to the dairy department to grab a Greek yogurt for breakfast, since I’d forgotten to bring one from home today.  Well, this store didn’t have Greek Gods brand.  So, I looked around and found Chobani had a vanilla flavored Greek yogurt.  Bingo!  Right?


Chobani yogurt did not taste nearly as good as Greek Gods.  I couldn’t eat it.  I ended up throwing it away after about 3 or 4 bites.  Then my boss, after hearing me complain about how terrible the Chobani yogurt was, went down to the break room and got his Noosa Greek yogurt he had placed in the refrigerator earlier this week, and he had me try that one.  Even though it was a fruit flavor, raspberry (I am not a big fan of fruit-flavored yogurt), it was still pretty good.  I’d eat it again, and I’d definitely eat that one over Chobani for sure!!

Greek Gods yogurt

Greek Gods Greek Yogurt – very good! My favorite.

Chobani Yogurt

Chobani Greek Yogurt – not good at all 😦

noosa yogurt

Noosa Greek Yogurt – pretty good


Breaking the Silence

I feel like I’ve been ignoring my blog this week unintentionally.  Why do I feel so busy lately?  I really feel like I probably have too much on my plate right now between work, my nephew, helping out with an exchange student agency for 2 high school exchange students they have in my area, making an effort to cook healthy meals at home every day, and of course working out.  I was on call Wednesday night, so that made it impossible to really do anything that day.  Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week I’m obligated to have my nephew Skype with his mother who decided to move out of the state, so that takes up time I’d normally dedicate to going to the gym.

But I have been keeping up with my meals and workouts this week, despite my radio silence.  Yesterday I ran 2 miles on my treadmill at home between making/eating dinner and monitoring the Skype visit.

imageI had a pretty good week this week as far as meals go. Yesterday was really cold and it snowed all day long so I stayed in my office for lunch and ate some of my leftover stir fry from the night before, and for dinner I made grilled pork chops.  I’ve been snacking at work from my little fruit bowl, which really helps out in the mid morning and mid afternoon between meals.  Much better than anything I’d find in the break room vending machine!

Tonight I really hope to have a chance to go to the gym.  It’ll be the first time since Sunday when I attended that yoga class!  That’s just too long.  😦  I feel like I just get such a better workout at the gym than I do at home.  Maybe I just work a lot harder at the gym.

Oh yeah, and one more thing.  This is my 100th Post on this blog!!  Surely that’s a reason for celebration?