Last Day of #JanYOUary with Before/After Pics

It’s a beautiful, rainy morning here in Lubbock, Texas, today.  I should be grabbing my running shoes and my road companion to go out for a jog in it!  The only problem with that is, my running companion gets ear infections when he gets water in his ears.  😦


Jan 30, 2015

I went to the gym last night after my boyfriend brought me home some pad Thai for dinner… mmm, a big yummy bowl of carbs!  The thought was nice, but I don’t think he gets my goal and how I’m getting there.  So, like the polite Southern girl that I am, I ate enough of that pad Thai to get by with, and hauled my butt-in-progress to the gym!

And at the gym, I worked my butt off!  I ran 2 miles straight (5mph) on the treadmill to start with.  Then I went over to do some squats and lunges with a weight ball (the ones with handles on the side) with a few other Pilates type leg exercises.  It turned into a 2nd leg day, basically, which is good since the leg muscles are the biggest muscles in your body and burn the most calories, right?  I also did a bunch of abs, mostly lower abs.  I worked the heck out of my abs!!


Aside from the pad Thai for dinner, I did fairly good yesterday on food, too.  I had this Western style omelet for breakfast, with a side of fruit instead of hash browns.  I didn’t end up eating the whole wheat toast.  Or the weird blueberry cream stuff that came on top of my fruit. I drank coffee with no-calorie sweetener and some cream.


For lunch I made a quick run to Subway and got a flat bread sandwich, and didn’t eat the baked Lays potato chips that came with it.  Still drinking lots of water!

Today… is the last day of the #JanYOUary workout calendar and yesterday was the last of #30DayFlatAbs.  That means we’ll be getting a brand new calendar, #FABruary, sometime today!  We are also getting a new 30 day calendar to tone up the booty – the #30DayButtLift Challenge!  Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this!

So today is the last Fat Burn Focus workout.  Cardio, cardio, cardio.  I usually just do my own cardio instead of the cardio videos, so I’ll probably do the same and head to the gym again today.

Before and After

before-after 1-31-15So here’s my next Before/After for this year!  It looks like #JanYOUary and #30DayFlatAbs was overall a pretty good success for me!  (Just ignore the fact that I just got out of bed and haven’t showered yet today.  I know, I look a little rough!)

before-after 1-31-15 sideI can see a lot of difference in my stomach, which is my biggest area in need of progress.

The scale?  Well, I actually gained weight since my last Before/After photo on 1/9/15, but my body fat percentage has gone down, and obviously you can see some toning up going on.  The scale is not always the best indicator of progress!!!

Today’s weight: 151.4 lbs

Body Fat Percentage: 32.5 %


My First Before/After Pics of 2015

Lots of good news this morning for me.  For one, my legs are not sore today like I thought they would be yesterday, and for two, I weighed myself at 149.7 this morning!  I’m feeling pretty good today.  I figured it would be a good day to take some before/after photos since it’s been a little over a week since I took my new “Before” photo on Jan 1.  Here’s what I got so far.

1-9-15 front

So on 1/1/15, I started out at 153.3 lbs.  Today, I’m at 149.7… Down 3.6 lbs so far in 8 days!  The front view I didn’t really see much difference in, which was a little disappointing, but since I saw results on the scale and in how my clothes fit, I didn’t let that get me too down.

1-9-15 sideThe side view, on the other hand, I can definitely tell some progress was made in the tummy area.  Hallelujah!!

I figure between my healthier eating for the past week, the #30DayFlatAbs Challenge, and the Blogilates and gym workouts, it’s apparent that it’s all doing some good.  🙂

orange chicken stir frySpeaking of healthier eating, I had a really good dinner tonight.   It was an orange chicken stir-fry with lots of fresh veggies: broccoli, carrots, zucchini, and onion, with some raw jalapenos, cilantro, and green onions garnishing the top.  The side was jasmine rice.  It was one of those salty-sweet mixtures of flavor that was just heavenly!

I didn’t do much of a workout today, since it was rest day, but I did do my day 9 of the #30DayFlatAbs Challenge… 35 reps of all 5 moves.  I try to do them all in different orders every day, so that I’m not only doing more reps every day but I’m still changing it up as much as possible to get the most effectiveness out of it.  Obviously, it’s doing something right!  🙂  No running or cardio today… but I hope to get a good run in tomorrow before I leave for Fort Worth for my nephew to visit family.

One More Thing – Before/After

July 6 ~ July 20

July 6 ~ July 20


I forgot to add this in today’s earlier post!  How can I forget a Before/After post?

(See the first Before/After shot here.)

Today I am down to 151.2 lbs – that’s 10 lbs down from where I started on May 10.  I’m nearly down to a size 8 – my size 10 pants are getting quite loose on me these days!

IMG_20140714_171200Especially in the legs, as you can see in this next photo.  These pants were skin-tight on my thighs, butt, and waist just last month!  I’m finally getting to a point where I can actually see how much my body is changing when I look at myself in the mirror now.  I can also see a difference in my arms, where my tricep area has really been shaping up as well… although that area definitely still has a long way to go.

I am just really happy with the results I keep seeing consistently as I stick with these Blogilates calendar workouts.  They are fun, positive, and upbeat, which has really helped me want to keep coming back to it day after day.  It’s a new workout every single day, so my workout routine is constantly changing, which means my body doesn’t get a chance to get used to it.

If anyone out there hasn’t given Pilates a chance or maybe you tried it a long time ago and didn’t really care for it, I definitely recommend giving Blogilates a try.  I say give the Workout Calendar or even the Beginner’s Calendar ONE WEEK and see what you think.  Even you guys out there who want to tone things up a little bit.


Starting a Journey – Blogilates Style

Hello POPsters and friends!  I am so excited about the transformation I’ve seen so far doing Blogilates.  I stumbled across Cassey Ho and Blogilates  recently in early May 2014.  I loved the articles and videos so I subscribed.  It wasn’t long before I began doing the monthly calendar – May 10, 2014, to be exact.  There is a beginner’s calendar, but I wanted to jump right into the regular monthly calendar since I do go to the gym several days a week and run most days of the week already.  It didn’t take long to learn that this was a whole different ball-game than what I was used to.

I stuck with it for a week before realizing that this was DIFFERENT!  I could FEEL my muscles underneath all those layers of fat I’ve been carrying around for way too long.  I could FEEL things firming up and starting to get toned, especially in my core.  I started taking Before/After photos, and I take a new photo about every week.  I wasn’t seeing any difference on the scale at first, but when I saw that first week of progress, WOW!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Now, with a whole month under my belt, I’m just AMAZED.  Here is my latest Before/After photo:

4 Week Progress

4 Week Progress

It wasn’t long before I started taking Cassey’s advice and incorporating a Clean Eating meal plan.  I started making weekly menus including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between meals, so that I’m never hungry and I’m sticking to the meals I planned for.  I’m also only buying good, healthy, whole foods at the grocery store by making a list with just what I need to make each of the meals I planned for.  This has proven to be a lot easier and more yummy than I thought it would be.

This is what I had for dinner last night:

Steamed Salmon, Green Beans, Spinach Salad

Steamed Salmon, Green Beans, Spinach Salad

Using those Ziploc steamer bags, this meal literally took less than 10 minutes to make!  I’ve also made several of the Blogilates Cheap Clean Eats, like the Flourless Pizza, and made the Healthy Cheeseburgers, but with whole wheat buns instead of portabella mushrooms.  They were both great!  We make those burgers about once a week now with some baked sweet potato fries.  Mmm 🙂

Please leave a comment about your own transformation story with Blogilates, or you can also leave questions if you don’t know what Blogilates is yet!