Keep Moving Forward

Yesterday wasn’t too bad, considering I didn’t get to do any workout.  Quite a long day yesterday.  After I got home from work and picking up my nephew from daycare, we had our foster home case manager come by for a visit at 6 p.m.  Then I had to take my nephew to an after-hours clinic for another ear infection… second one in less than a month.  By the time we finished and stopped at the pharmacy to get the prescription filled, it was past his bedtime and I was exhausted. 


Here’s a collage of what I ate yesterday.  This morning I ended up eating a breakfast burrito that my boyfriend had stopped to get for me.  He got me one yesterday, too, that I didn’t eat but instead put in the refrigerator and told him I’d save for Friday, so I figured if I didn’t eat this one it might be rude.  I brought my lunch to work again today, and tonight I should be good to go to hit the gym again, which I’m really looking forward to!  I love my gym.  I need to get their schedule of group fitness classes.  They have a free Barre class that I’ve really been wanting to try.

I think I’ll probably use yesterday as my rest day and get the workout I missed on Friday this week instead.  Gotta work hard if I wanna see results!


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