#JanYOUary and #30DayFlatAbs Day 6

Hey guys, it’s been a somewhat busy day today.  I haven’t been to the gym or done my workout yet, so I’m about to get to it right after I’m done posting this since I have company coming over in about an hour (less than that when I’ll finish this, of course!).  I felt a lot better today when I woke up and weighed myself at 151.2 (down from yesterday’s 152.0).  Yes, I’m one of those cooky people who weighs myself every day.  Some people say not to do that, but oh well.

kung pao stir frySo yesterday I promised to show a picture of my stir-fry dinner I had last night.  It was so tasty with all the fresh vegetables, and the roasted peanuts added to it really gave it the extra yum factor.

This morning I didn’t do so great, stopping at a Mexican food restaurant for a late breakfast (about 11:00 a.m.) after a doctor’s appointment for my nephew and eating some eggs, refried beans, fried potatoes, and carne guisada.  The good news is, I did not eat too much of it and had a lot of food left on my plate when I was done.  Portion control!  I guess you could say that was my lunch, and I didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast this morning with the appointment.  Oops.

Tonight we’re having steamed chicken, seasoned roasted red potatoes, and spinach salad.  I’m surprisingly not all that hungry, though, so I probably won’t eat too much of that either.  I have been drinking a lot of water for the past several days, though!  That’s definitely a plus.

veggie trayThen tonight we’re having my boyfriend’s family over to have our Christmas gift exchange since one of his uncles has been out of town and just got back yesterday.  For that, we’re doing a veggie tray as finger food.  That’s way better than the normal party snacks like chips and dip that we would have done in the past.  Every choice matters!

me 1-6-14Ok, so for now, I better get off here and get a short workout done.  I’ve already got my workout clothes on, just gotta get the yoga mat out and get to it!  Don’t forget Day 6 of the #30DayFlatAbs Challenge!!  So until next time!



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