First Look at the #Blogilates #JanYOUary Workout Calendar

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this month.  We’ve got so many exciting new things going on to help us achieve our goals this year.  I’ve already got my January photos taken for my Blogilates 2015 Fit Planner, taken this morning, and I can’t wait to see what my February photos will look like!

#JanYOUary Workout Calendar

1 - JanYOUaryThe new Blogilates #JanYOUary calendar has some interesting changes this month, even aside from the portrait orientation layout.  It sticks with the recent trend of including a cardio video to start out each day’s workout, which I feel has been working pretty well for me.  It also gives us full days to focus on different areas of the body instead of putting a couple of them together like last month’s did… such as last month’s Wednesday Butts & Guts.  I always feel like this has been more effective for me, so I’m pretty excited about that.

This month’s workouts include:

  • Sunday: Bombshell Booty – That’s right… a full day to focus on the booty!
  • Monday: Total Body Torture – a full body workout and new Blogilates workout videos each week.
  • Tuesday: Sleek N Sexy Arms – with the exclusive monthly video, New Year New You
  • Wednesday: Lean Legs
  • Thursday: Toned Tummy
  • Friday: Stretch Day – in my opinion always the best day for a break!
  • Saturday: Fat Burn Focus – a full hour of cardio/hiit workout videos!!
Blogilates 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge

Blogilates 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge

Each day of this month’s calendar also gives you a check-box to make sure you remember to do the new Blogilates 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge, a companion calendar to go along with the regular workout calendar, which I’m also really excited about this month.  My boyfriend told me he’d do this challenge with me if I’d play racquetball with him at the gym.  I figure that’s a fair trade.  🙂  This challenge not only builds up your abs, but it’s also keeping you on track to drink more water every day, and I think that is going to go a long way in helping us see the results we want to see this month.

Monthly Exclusive Video

Exclusive Video - New Year New You

If you’re looking at the Blogilates calendar this month on a Tuesday, you’ll notice a video you won’t be able to find on YouTube.  This month’s exclusive video is titled New Year New You and can only be viewed in the Blogilates smartphone app (free) when you subscribe to the monthly calendar ($0.99 monthly).  It’s a total body workout that’s only 9:15 in length.  It’s a great video with some great advice for achieving your weight loss goals while you’re working out.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I definitely feel like it’s worth my dollar a month, and of course there’s the option to cancel your subscription in the app store whenever you choose.

new year new you

New Beginner’s Calendar

Beginners Calendar 2.0I thought the new Beginner’s Calendar should get an honorable mention since it’s had an overhaul this month.  There are just so many great tools at our disposal with the Blogilates community.  I’m excited that I stumbled upon this in May 2014, and that I’ve kept up with it for much much longer than I’ve ever persisted with any fitness plan before in my life.  It makes me excited to work out every day and even keeps me on track with what to eat.  It’s motivation like I’ve never experienced before, in a way that is positive, upbeat, and truly exciting.

Good luck this 2015!



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