Preparing for the New Year – My Tools for Success

Here we are… only 3 days left in 2014.  I don’t know about you, but I plan to make them count!  I’ve been doing some preparation to start the New Year off right… Of course I plan to eat some traditional “good luck charms” on New Year’s Day (I’ll post about these later), but beyond that, I am already beginning my New Year’s commitments.

Side Note: When I was visiting my family for Christmas, I heard my mom and her husband say several times that they plan to go on a diet after the 1st.  They first said this while eating a big, double-meat with no vegetables burger from Jack in the Box.  I asked why not now?  If you’re not committed to it enough to start it now, what are the chances that you’ll actually stick with it in the future?  They seemed to be convinced that they will…  I hope so, but we’ll see.

So that’s why I’ve already started upping my game a little bit.  I mean, let’s face it.  My diet has been suffering here lately, and it shows.  I’m back up to 152 lbs after I had gotten down to 145… When my goal was 140!!  I was so close and then I slacked off.  Why??  Of course I have excuses… feeding a picky 3 year old who only likes a handful of foods, the Holidays, whatever.  No more excuses, it’s time to make it happen.

Fitness Tools to Keep Me Motivated

I got some excellent Christmas gifts this year, and I’m excited to implement them in keeping me on track, along with the ones I already had that have worked really well for me this past year (Thank you Blogilates workout calendars!).  Here are a few:

fitbit charge

fitbit Charge

The first item is the Fitbit Charge.  I’ve already been a fan of the Fitbit since I got a Flex for Christmas last year, and I’ve used it every day since.  The Charge is a step-up from the Flex because it has the display that tells you the time, how many steps you’ve taken today, distance you’ve walked, flights of stairs you’ve climbed, and calories you’ve burned.  You can also hold down the side button to start a timer when doing a workout to keep track of the time you spend on it.  Oh yeah, and it automatically tracks your sleep without having to remember to place the device in “sleep mode.”

As you can see (below), I’ve been using it for the past few days… yesterday I didn’t get all the way to 10,000 steps, but I did go to the gym yesterday morning and did my Pilates workout after speed-walking a little over a mile and spending a little time on the stair master.

fitbit 12-25-14 fitbit 12-26-14 fitbit 12-27-14

fitbit aria scale

fitbit aria scale

Next on the list is the Fitbit Aria scale.  This scale syncs your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI to your fitbit account to keep track of your progress for you.  You don’t have to enter it manually or try to remember what you weighed when you go to write it down.  It does it for you, so all you have to do is connect it to your wi-fi during set-up and step on.  It’ll let you add up to 7 more people if you decide to share, and it’ll upload their data to their fitbit account for them as well.  I got the white one :).

fit journal lmtd edition

Blogilates 2015 Fit Planner (Limited Edition)

Let’s not forget the Blogilates 2015 Fit Planner (Limited Edition).  I am pretty excited about this one… even though it’s pink, and I really dislike pink.  I’m willing to look past it this time, as I think the ends will justify the means.  Last night I decided to find photos to print for my Inspiration Board page, and I had to figure out what really motivates me… and what motivates me is healthy food ideas that taste good and are easy to make.  Some of the examples I included were pictures of overnight oats (breakfast food), salad in a jar (lunch food), Vietnamese spring rolls and black bean/avocado/turkey wraps (dinner foods).

Inspiration Board


So now, I’m curious to know what tools you will use to stay motivated this year, or what your commitments will be for 2015?  What goals are you going to work toward?


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