Celebrating Small Wins

Almost to the end of another week.  It’s Thursday Thighs again today, and I was pretty sure that 3 Minute Thighs was going to kill me.  Is it considered cheating if your butt doesn’t leave the floor for more than 5 seconds throughout that whole workout?

So, instead of doing the Fat Burning Ladder today, I decided I’d do some jogging with my Nike+ app.  And I jogged until I hit 10,000 steps on my fitbit tracker.

nike gray 12-18-14   nike 12-18-14


fitbit 12-18-14

Oh yes, this happened.  And trust me when I say I needed this today.  We had this big Christmas lunch at work today, and I ate so much food that I was miserable for the 2nd half of my day.

But I also won one of the prizes for an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” contest for the Christmas shirt I crafted.  I just glued some glittery balls to a thrift store Christmas shirt, and pinned a tinsel-garland around the neck and the bottom, and won myself a $10 gift card to Sonic.  Yippee 🙂


2 comments on “Celebrating Small Wins

  1. How did you get your fitbit to log your blogilates workouts? ‘Cause when I’m doing mine, it claims that I’m sitting completely still, not moving or walking a single step.


    • You can either enter the exercise into the app on the Track Your Exercise button (pilates, calisthenics, sit ups) , or start the stop-watch timer depending on which fitbit you have.


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