Exciting Monday With New Goodies

Exciting day today.  First of all, we have the Core Fusion Monday workout for Today’s Calendar, to include today’s new video.  I always enjoy the days we get a full hour of abs.  I wish I could take my workout to the gym today like I have been doing lately, but I’m stuck at home for the next couple of days as my nephew came down with Pink Eye.  😦  My gym has some little sliders I can use instead of having to use paper plates for that Best Lower Ab Workout Ever video.

fit journal lmtd editionAnother reason today is exciting?  I was able to order the Limited Edition 2015 Blogilates Fit Journal.  I went to bed last night so excited that this was going to finally be available for purchase today.  I kept checking the website from my phone about every 30 minutes or so, not-so-patiently waiting for it to finally add to my shopping cart.  Finally, it added, and I took the steps to check out with my credit card info, and submitted payment…  only to get “Oops, an error occurred.”  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

So I rushed to my lap-top and went to the Blogilates shop, only to find it showed SOLD OUT!  I was so disappointed.  I was about to sulk and pout, and really, I probably did for a few minutes… until I got an email saying my order was confirmed and my purchase had went through after all!  WOO HOO!

fitbit flexAnother reason I’m super-excited today?  I got my new fitbit flex replacement in the mail today.  I got my original one as a gift last year for Christmas, and I’ve used it every single day since then.  It really has been a huge motivation to be more active on a regular basis.  I only take it off to shower, even though you can actually wear it in the shower as well.  Well, a couple weeks ago, I went to charge it as usual, and when it showed a full charge, I took it off the charger, inserted back into the bracelet, and put it back on my wrist, only to find it was still dead.  I put it back on the charger, still dead.  I tried to reset it… still dead.

So I emailed the customer support at fitbit, and after answering a couple questions, they confirmed that it was defective/damaged and shipped me a new one, free of charge!  Needless to say, I was very happy with their customer service.  I’m also happy with the product in general.  I’m hoping for some new brightly colored wrist-bands to go with it for Christmas… like the aqua color or a lime/neon yellow color.  🙂


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