Arms, Back, and Amazon Wish Lists


It’s arms and back today.  I’ve been doing a lot of arms and back every day at the gym lately, since my arms are really one of my target areas I have been trying to tone up.  That means I’ll definitely be looking forward to this workout tonight. 

I skipped the gym last night, but I have gone every day aside from that this week.  Lots of running/cardio and lots of free weights have been keeping me pretty busy.  I’m trying to enjoy it now while the gym isn’t crazy packed like it will be come January.  I am such a non-social person.  I know it’s from being extremely introverted.  Being around a lot of people really drains my energy, which is not so great when you’re at the gym and energy is something you kind of need more of rather than less.

Has anyone started putting out Christmas decorations yet?  I’m already starting to think about my Christmas shopping list, and I told my boyfriend I’d compile a wish list on Amazon to give him some ideas of what to get me.  What’s on my wish list this year?  New workout clothes!


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