It Is What it Is


It’s Friday!  The craziest day of the week for my job and the best day of the week for a recovery day from working out.

I had another great workout last night at the gym.  I ran a straight mile this time and then did a few free weights on my triceps.  Then it was back to the mat for my Blogilates!  I love it when I start feeling my progress, or “gains” as some call it, when I’m working out.  When I can go for longer stretches of running at a time, do more reps or use heavier weights… it’s a good feeling! 

I wish I could say I’m looking forward to the weekend, but I’ve got another 4.5 hour drive to Fort Worth and back for my nephew to visit his parents, so not much fun or relaxation in the plans for me, unfortunately.  I hope you all make something great happen this weekend!


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