Update for #MOVEmber


How is everyone’s #MOVEmber going so far?  Is anyone doing the 8 week Hot Body Challenge?  I was hoping we would get the weekly menus on the blog like we did with the 8 week Bikini Body Diet Plan, but no such luck this time.

Since I’m too cheap to pay the $40 for the diet plan, I thought I’d just start making more effort to stick to my clean eating routine.

This has been a challenge since my nephew moved in back in September!  My diet has really suffered lately – he’s one picky little eater, but this week has gotten off to a pretty good start.  Of course it doesn’t help that it’s starting to get really cold now, which for some reason makes me want to eat all the time (or drink those nice hot cappuccinos in the morning).

The good news is… while I haven’t been blogging when I should, I have been working out a lot lately!  I joined a new gym that I love, Zach’s Club 54 in Lubbock.  I started there on October 31st and have been going nearly every day since then.  I’ve been taking my workouts with me to do while I’m there… which can be really funny sometimes (think bridge pulses for 5 minutes straight in front of everyone).

So today I will leave you with this…
Do something extra today.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Drink water instead of that diet soda.  Eat a fresh fruit or vegetable at dinner.  Do some jumping jacks (or burpees) to get warm.  Do some stretches while you’re sitting at your desk.  Don’t go more than 30 minutes without getting up and moving around.



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