Abs and Villain Costumes

Rock Your Core Wednesday Workout:

calendar 10-8Great workout today!  I’ve been running a mile before my workouts every day so that I’ll see faster results this month.  I’ve been feeling pretty good this month, too.  This month’s calendar is really good so far!

Today we had abs, abs, and more abs.  I substituted the Whoa Whoa workout for this week’s new video, 10 Minute Abs, which I really liked because it had lots of new moves we haven’t already done a million times already.  Keeping it fresh, for me, means I don’t get tired of it.  🙂  Plus, there’s just something about Whoa Whoa workout that I cannot keep up with.  I don’t know why.


Harley QuinnEvery year at my work, we coordinate a Trunk or Treat for the kids we work with.  This year, my unit was paired up with another unit of people we don’t know who work in a different building and do completely different jobs from what we do, and the other unit chose the theme of Villains for our “Trunk” station.  We’re all going to dress up like villains.

My villain… Harley Quinn.  Not quite so skanky-version, of course, as this is my job and is for the enjoyment and entertainment of little children, and all.

I got my costume items from Amazon, so I’ll basically just be a cheesy pieced-together version of Harley Quinn.



Now I’m sad I didn’t choose Maleficent or Lord Voldemort, but this one will do.  And bonus!  I have a HUGE motivation to stick to my workouts hard core this month, because I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to lose some of my stomach pudge before I have to wear my costume on 10/31.  🙂

What are you going as for Halloween this year?  Any ideas or do you already know?  Anything at all?

harley quinn accessoriesharley quinn topharley quinn pantsharley quinn undershirt


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