Short and Sweet Amazing Arms

Amazing Arms Thursday Workout:

calendar 10-2Holy biceps, today’s workout was insane.  My arms feel like jelly right now… I have no strength left.  I was going strong all the way through Push Plank Challenge.  Then, Bodacious Back was getting a little more heavy and harder to keep up (especially after that crazy warm-up!).  But by the end of Awesomesauce Arms, it was all I could do to keep pushing through.

My abs are really sore today from yesterday’s workout, too.  Especially my upper abs from that Extreme Abs video with the million crunches in different variations there at the beginning.

So I did go ahead and order the shirt and booty shorts I posted about yesterday.  I’m looking forward to seeing those arrive in the next week.  I also need to get a couple more new pairs of pants I can wear to work.  I had to get a couple of new pairs of pants last month since I’m down to a size 8 now, but I need a couple more pairs so that I have enough to wear each day of the work-week.

Is it crazy that I hate going shopping?


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