My Core Has Been Rocked

Rock Your Core Wednesday Workout:

calendar 10-1She wasn’t kidding when she said this workout would “Rock Your Core.”  I just finished today’s workout, and I don’t think I could do another double-leg-lift if I tried.  Is it just me, or does it seem like Cassey really loves those double leg lifts?  They’re definitely a good, effective move.  I tend to do those a lot when I’m laying around in front of the TV.  Those and bridge pulses, which I’m sure looks totally normal should anyone happen to walk in the room while this goes on.  🙂

How did everyone else fare on our first day of #ROCKtober workouts?  That 5 minute fat burner at the beginning of the workout was definitely a good way to kick it off.  I was working pretty hard to catch my breath in some parts of it.

I really like the simplicity of the Quick Ab Workout.  It’s only 2 moves in about 3 minutes, but I really feel like it zeroes right in to some good spots we could all use a little work on.

Do you have a favorite video for today?  Least favorite?  I really like all of these today.  Especially Extreme Abs.

oGorgeous Order:

I’ve been thinking about getting some new Blogilates gear to wear to work out in.  So, since I got paid today, I thought I’d head over to the oGorgeous Gym Boutique and see what new goodies I could find that I couldn’t live without.  I found a couple things that I think I’m going to order tonight, unless I talk myself out of it.

beast shirt

I Am Beast in White Cheetah

beast shorts

Side Scrunch Booty in Highlighter

What do you think?  Should I get them?

contour jacket cobaltIf I had the money, I’d really like to have the Bodypop Contour Jacket in Cobalt… but alas, I just can’t justify dropping the $90 on it.  We social workers have to make due with our meager wages, after all.  🙂


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