New Routines

Total Body Tone Sunday Workout:

9-7 calendarToday was a total body workout, and every single video was awesome today!  Was that because I missed my workout yesterday, and the day before that was a rest day?  Maybe… but I felt like I got a lot out of all 4 of these workout videos today.  I especially liked the 5 Best Muffintop Melting Moves workout.

New Routine:

Today was the start of a whole new routine for me, as my 2 year old nephew is finally here to live with me for the next several months, possibly longer.  My nephew is almost 3 years old now, and he still doesn’t talk.  We found out yesterday, what I’ve suspected for quite a long time now, that my nephew is on the Autism Spectrum.  He definitely has several little quirks that have been challenging so far, but one thing that has not been a problem at all is bedtime!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised that my nephew  goes right to bed without a fuss and sleeps all night long.  I expected it to be a lot harder, because he does NOT like bath time.

So today, after I put the little guy to bed for the night, I was able to turn on my Blogilates workout and release all the stress of the day.  I really hope I’ll be able to do this every day.  We’ll see how it goes.  I think his bedtime is going to be about 8:00 p.m. every night.


2 comments on “New Routines

  1. Congrats on caring for your nephew. Whatever happens, don’t let his autism even become a crutch or an excuse to stop trying. When I was a kid they told my parents the same thing, and while I still have my quirks, my mom was exceptionally patient and kind and never gave up on me or said “oh, she cant do that, she has autism” and I turned out to be a great person. For this reason, I never use the phrase “s/he is autistic” I only say “s/he has autism or is on the autism spectrum is fine too. Because the autism is not a defining characteristic.

    PS: I still hate taking showers and have to force myself every day.


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