First Look at the Blogilates #SepTONEber Calendar

Cardio Ab Attack Sunday Workout:

8-31 calendarVery nice workout today!  Can you believe it is the last day of August?  Where did the month go?  It’s already back to school, the hot weather is winding down, and I’m really excited to bring out my running jackets with the thumb holes to wear all the time again.

Today’s workout felt pretty good.  Of course, lots of abs today.  I know my core is getting a lot stronger because I can pretty much keep up with most of these videos we had today.  I was fizzling out a little toward the end of Flat Belly Fat Burner with those criss-cross crunches that we did like a million of, but alas, I carried on.

First Look at the September Calendar:

09-2014 SepTONEberSo here it is!  The new September Blogilates workout calendar!  They’re always so colorful and pretty.  How can you not print that thing out and pin it up somewhere?  This month we have:

Sunday: Total Body Tone

Monday: Abtacular (with new workout videos each week)

Tuesday: Legs and Butt

Wednesday: Hump HIIT Day

Thursday: Arms and Back (with new Cheap Clean Eats videos each week!)

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Cardio Core

5 lbs to goI’m going to have to tell you how excited I am about these workouts for September.  Why?  Because THEY WORK!!  When I first started doing the Blogilates calendar workouts in May, I was a miserable 161 lbs and barely fitting into my size 10 pants.  Today, I got on the scale and weighed 145.6 for the first time in years!  That’s only 5 lbs away from my goal weight now.  Last weekend I had to go buy myself new work pants in a size 8, and even those have a little spare room in them now!

I have a lot more confidence now that I was lacking before.  I have a lot more energy now that I was lacking before.

If you haven’t already, give the calendar a try.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Give it just 1 full week and take some before and after photos of yourself so you can see the changes.


2 comments on “First Look at the Blogilates #SepTONEber Calendar

  1. Hey Katherine! Thanks for posting a link to your fitness blog. It looks like I’m already following both?? It already showed “Following” on the fitness blog. 🙂 I’ve really been interested in Yoga, but funny enough, I’ve only participated in one Yoga class ever, back in my early college days. I saw that there’s a barre studio right down the street from me, so I’m also really interested in checking that out sometime, although I’m pretty sure it’ll be way too expensive for me. I’m sure there’s a free barre workout on YouTube if nothing else!


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