We Are Now Leaving the Comfort Zone

Cardio Ab Attack Sunday Workout:

8-24 calendarExciting workout today!  We have these four ab workout videos for a total of only 38 minutes.  Surely you can spare 38 minutes today to tighten up your tummy a little bit?  I know I will be.

What did you eat for breakfast today?  I haven’t eaten yet as I’m typing this, but my stomach is growling at me like crazy.  I’ll probably eat a Greek Yogurt, something light and healthy.

Creatures of Habit:

Today is Sunday, and for me that means getting laundry done and put away.  I’ll do my daily workout at some point, and maybe go out for a swim later this afternoon.  I’ll start getting things in order for the upcoming week.  I’ll be tuning in to the Long Island Medium and possibly the Witches of East End this evening before I finally go to bed.

Just like I do every Sunday.

As people, we tend to be creatures of habit, and this probably comes as no surprise.  You probably take the same route to work every morning and home every evening.  You probably get to work and have a ritual or order you do things in… For me, it’s firing up the computer, checking emails, chatting with coworkers a little bit, and then jumping in to whatever I have to work on for the day.  You probably even have a routine for when you first wake up in the morning, and the order you do things in taking a shower.

Familiar is comforting.

It’s no different for working out.  We get into our routines and find what works for us, and we get comfortable with it so we keep doing it the same way.  The problem with that?  Your body gets comfortable with it, too, and soon the workouts aren’t as effective as they once were.

Sometimes it’s important to change things up and go out of our comfort zones.

In your workouts, going out of your comfort zone is what gives you progress and results.  This way, your body isn’t finding a way to compensate and get comfortable again.  Keep changing it up!  Do something different every day.  And then, do something different every month.

Challenge yourself.

Not just in your workouts, but in your life.  Strive for growth.  Strive for change.  Strive for something more.

Next time, I’ll make it to 400 squats!

You have to want it.


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