No, I Couldn’t Do 1,000 Squats!

Thursday Thighs Workout:

8-21 calendar

This is one crazy workout today.  I’m not even going to lie.  I got to about 300 (which is pretty darn good if you ask me!), and at that point I basically said #sorrynotsorry I’m done for the day with that.

Sometimes you have to know your limits, and mine was 300 consecutive squats.

But not to worry.  I did go on to do a few more videos today.  I didn’t just give up on it altogether, at least!  Instead, I figured I’d get in a few Ab workout videos.  I feel like I can never get too many ab workouts in.

Here’s the ab workout I did today:

What workout did you all do today?  What did you eat today?  I’ve been doing really well this week sticking to my good choices.  I had a Greek yogurt for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and turkey meatballs in marinara with a side salad for dinner.  For a snack I ate some unsalted peanuts, and I ate a Special K breakfast bar between my breakfast and lunch.  Overall, not too bad 🙂

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday!


3 comments on “No, I Couldn’t Do 1,000 Squats!

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