Miley Cyrus Abs and Preparing for the Week Ahead

Cardio Ab Attack Sunday Workout:

8-17 calendarThis is a nice little workout mix today.  A little bit of cardio and a whole lot of abs again.  I don’t know about you guys, but working out the abs so much has really proven to be effective.  And let me tell you, this Miley Cyrus Abs workout is no joke!  It’s a tough one.

I’ve actually had a pretty nice day today, that started out with a morning jog with my dog Rogue.  I don’t usually run in the mornings very often, but I’ve been wanting to get Rogue more exercise, and it is really too hot in the evenings right now where I live to take him out there in the heat.  So this morning was the perfect opportunity to get him out there and burn off some of that energy he always has.  It was nice, and I felt really good all day afterward.

The Coming Up Week:

It’s going to be an interesting week ahead.  I start my new position tomorrow at work, but this week will also be my last week working my former position.  In other words, I’ll be doing double-duty this week.  I did get some good news, that they’ve already chosen my replacement for the old position, and that person will start on September 8th.  In the meantime, I’ll be finishing up all of my duties and responsibilities this week while I’m trying to learn my new job.

I’m definitely going to be counting on my daily workouts and clean eating to help me with the energy to get me through this week.  I have a feeling it might get a little bit stressful.


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