Relax A Little and Check Out My New Car

Recovery Day Friday:

8-15 calendarWe made it to another rest day!  They seem to come so quickly, it’s like before we know it a another whole week is gone!  Truth be told, I’m pretty glad we get a break today because I think I kind of need it.  This has been quite a big week for me!!

So what do you guys usually do on your rest days?  Do you do the stretch videos, or do you just take the day off all together?  I try to always go ahead and do the stretch videos because they really are relaxing, and I want to keep improving my flexibility.

But today might be a different story.  I have a full day at work… MOVING INTO MY NEW OFFICE!!

(Yes!  I was selected for the new position I interviewed for last Friday!!  I’m so excited, I still can’t believe it.)

Tonight, I’m going to a place here in Lubbock called Joyland for a “Back to School Bash” my work is throwing for our foster home families.  It’s basically a miniature outdoor theme park with roller-coaster rides, funnel cakes, bumper cars, and things like that.  I’ve only been once, so I’m looking forward to going again.


2015 Kia Soul - Titanium Gray

2015 Kia Soul – Titanium Gray

New Job – New Car!

So not only did I get a new promotion at work this week, I also went and traded my car in for a new one.

I was previously driving a white 2010 Kia Soul +, which I really loved.  It was getting up there in miles, though, already over 75,000 in just the 4 years I’ve had it.  Needless to say, I do a lot of driving as a social worker, visiting people in their homes all over the Texas Panhandle, pretty much.

So I decided that it was time to upgrade to a newer model.

Isn’t she pretty?  🙂

And even better, the new position at work I’ll be doing does not require any travel, so I won’t be racking too many miles up on this one, outside of taking my nephew to visit family in Fort Worth every other weekend once he’s placed in my home, which will hopefully be in the next couple of weeks.  That’s still about 260 miles one-way, so I know they’ll add up pretty quickly, but at least the newer car should be able to withstand it better.


What do you guys have planned this weekend?  Anything fun or exciting going on?  What workouts are you guy planning on doing?


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