Monday Workout and My Favorite Running Shoes

Legs & Butt Monday Workout:

8-11 calendarI hope your butts aren’t sore anymore from all that work we did last week, because, as the Neon Trees say, “Here we go again!”  I really like all of these videos today, and as always, I know I’m not alone in saying I ALWAYS look forward to Mondays when we get a brand new Blogilates workout video!!

I’m probably most excited about the Sculpted Legs in Skinny Leggings workout and the 5 Best Butt Exercises.  Have I mentioned that I think Butt day is becoming my favorite workout day?

My Favorite Running Shoes:

Today I want to talk about something that’s near and dear to my running heart.  So, I’ve mentioned lots of times for anyone that’s been following me for any length of time, that running is my cardio of choice.  If you talk to any runner and ask them what their most important item is they use pertaining to running, most likely the Number 1 answer is going to be their running shoes.

I discovered  Altra Running shoes a few years ago, really about the time I started running.  There is a lot of good science behind these shoes, which you can see for yourself HERE.

But mostly, here’s why I love Altras:

1. They make women’s shoes to fit women’s feet (not just a smaller version of a man’s shoe).  They don’t just “shrink it and pink it” like you’ll see in other brands.  Thank goodness, because I do not like pink.

2. It’s a foot-shaped shoe.  The toe box is wide enough for your toes to fit naturally, not squeezed in to a point, which provides greater stability in the foot.

3. Zero-Drop means that your heel is no more elevated than the rest of your foot.  That means better running form and better alignment for feet, back, and body posture.  If you have knee, hip, or back pain, chances are it could be helped with a zero-drop shoe because your bone joints aren’t having to go topsy-turvy to compensate all the way up from your feet to your neck.

4. They are made with such high quality, they take a lot of wear and tear to finally wear out.  I have yet to wear out a single pair of mine, and I’ve had a couple of pairs of mine for a few years.


So how much do I love my Altras?  Well, let’s see… I have (in order from oldest to newest):

Atra Eve

The Eve

Altra Intuition (original)

The Intuition (original)

The Torin

The Torin

The Three Sum

The Three Sum

Have you ever tried any Altra shoes?  If so, what are your thoughts?  If not, what are your favorite running shoes?  Let me know in the comments!


3 comments on “Monday Workout and My Favorite Running Shoes

    • I’ve definitely noticed a lot more tone and lift. I’m not sure if that means more trim or more firm, but I definitely have lost some inches as all my pants are too big for me anymore!!


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