Sunday Abs and Staying Fitness Conscious at Work

Cardio Ab Attack Sunday:

8-10 calendarFor today’s workout, we have a little bit of cardio and a whole lot of abs.  I do love these ab days!  They really go a long way in tightening up everything.  I’ve mentioned this before at some point, but I really just can’t get into this Hot Summer Dance workout.  I always substitute either a different cardio workout or just a 15 minute run to make up for the 15 minutes I’m missing in today’s workout from not doing this video.

This would be a good day to get an extra Arm Workout in as well, to work on my Arm Goal!  I think the Applause Arms Workout will be a good one, and it’s only about 5 minutes.



Desk Job:

I’ve seen all kinds of articles that talk about how bad and unhealthy it is on your body and your health for you to sit for long periods of time every day.  Supposedly, this can be just as bad for your health as smoking, and supposedly sitting for 6 hours or more a day will counteract any exercise you actually do.  I’m not sure how true that last part is, but I know it can’t be healthy and it definitely doesn’t burn very many calories to sit on your bum all day.

For a long time now, I’ve been looking for ways to be more active and fitness-conscious at work.  While I’ve had a flexible job that allows me to come and go as needed for visits with clients and other meetings, most of my time is spent either sitting at my desk or sitting in my car.  And… if I get this new position I interviewed for on Friday last week, I will be glued to my desk all day with no reprieve, as I would no longer be visiting clients in the field (aka, outside the office).  It will strictly be a desk-job.

I did purchase a really big Stability Ball this past December to use as a desk-chair, which has been great!  The only downfall is, the more I sit on that thing at work, the sweatier my rear-end will get after long periods of time.  So, I’ve used it progressively less and less as time goes by.

I do make it a point to get up and walk around at least every hour, just to keep my blood flowing and circulation… circulating.  But if I’m really honest with myself, it’s just not enough.  So I looked around for a good set of exercises, stretches, yoga poses, or anything, that could help me be more active at work sitting at my desk all day.

There are several little charts available out there with lots of good ideas.  This one (to the right here) was one I found that I really liked.  Maybe because it’s got the Pilates arm circles at the very end of it, but I felt like most, if not all, of these moves are things you can do without drawing too much unwanted attention to yourself.

1. Seated Leg Raises

2. Secret Handshake

3. Shoulder Shrugs

4. Chair Dips (this might be a little too conspicuous for the office)

5. Fist Pump

6. Seated Crunch

7. Fab Ab Squeeze

8. Silent Seat Squeeze (aka penny between the butt cheeks)

9. Spinning Arm Circles

A few other things you could do could be some of the Pilates moves we’ve learned in the Blogilates videos, including:

Chest Press Pulse

Chest Press Pulse

10. The Chest Press Pulse – keep your elbows together the whole time, and pulse your arms up together.  Repeat as many times as you can.

mid back pulse 2

Mid Back Pulse – Position 1

mid back pulse

Mid Back Pulse – Position 2

11. The Mid Back Pulse – start with your arms out to each side, curved slightly at the elbows.  Then bring your elbows back behind you and squeeze your shoulder blades together like you’re trying to “crack a walnut.”  You should feel it mostly in your shoulder-blades and upper back.  (You don’t need weights to feel this working!)

Seated Shimmies - Position 1

Seated Shimmies – Position 1

Seated Shimmies - Position 2

Seated Shimmies – Position 2

12. Seated Shimmies – You should be able to do this sitting in your office chair by scooting forward to the edge of your chair, leaning back, and doing a “Russian Twist” dipping one shoulder downward, back to center, and then dipping the other shoulder.  You should feel the twist in your upper abs.

Candlestick Dipper - Position 1

Candlestick Dipper – Position 1

Candlestick Dipper

Candlestick Dipper – Position 2

13. Candlestick Dipper – Doing this in your desk chair will be more of a stretch than a toning exercise, because you won’t be able to go down as low (at least not without hurting yourself), but it’s still movement that you wouldn’t otherwise be doing, and the stretch feels really nice.  You’ll just lift your arms above the head as shown, and lean as far as you can to one side.  Lift back up and repeat on the other side.


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