Exercising Yourself to a Better Mood

Saturday Sweatfest:

8-9 calendarShort and sweet little workout today, but don’t let that 41 minute playlist fool you!  It looks like we’re getting our cardio on today.  The first video is just a warm-up, no worries there.  The other 3 videos are a variety of HIIT, which is SUPER effective at burning fat.

The video I probably like the most out of this line-up would have to be Heart On Fire.  You start out jogging in place with some butt-kicks, add in some plyometrics, combined with some core-stabilizing balance moves, some controlled movements to tone those legs and butt, and of course throw in some burpees.  The rests in between each move help make it seem like a lot less work, and also help you keep that fat-burning progress increase more with every set.

So how was your Saturday Sweatfest workout today?  Did you try it?  I hear a lot of people say they prefer to substitute their own cardio routines for the Blogilates cardio videos.  I do that sometimes, as well… especially when I find one that won’t play on the YouTube app from my X-Box.  That’s how I do my workouts every day – in front of the TV in my living room.  But for the most part, I try to do all the workouts on the monthly calendar each day.  It’s working, so why not?

Exercise and Better Mood:

I thought about this topic after Thursday this week when I posted about Runner’s High.  Isn’t it amazing how exercise can boost your mood, calm your nerves, relieve your stress, counteract depression, and above all, just make you feel great in general?

996646_645820035457687_1901571171_nI remember a few years back when I had a really challenging client at work with a vast range of mental health issues.  This particular client took up all of my time, all day, every day, trying my patience and pushing me past my limits of being calm, rational, and sane.  And I still had a full caseload besides her to deal with.  I was so overwhelmed, frustrated, and really just at the end of my rope on a daily basis for about a year.  So I took out my frustrations in kick-boxing class, and suddenly, I had a different outlook on the situation.  I’d just find a way to figure it out and not let it take me over.  You keep a level head about things and just deal with them, and things tend to work themselves out eventually… but I’d have never been able to get there had I not found a way to deal with the overwhelming stress I initially felt about it, and I grew so much in my career and as a person during that time.

I also remember times when I would be really hurt, upset, or confused about situations, so I’d drive to the gym, get on the treadmill, and run.  And I’d run.  And I’d walk, and then I’d run a little more.  And I’d think.  And by the time I got off of that treadmill, I’d found ways to figure out or work out in my mind whatever it was that was bothering me at the time.

You hear about various theories as to what it is about exercising that makes you feel good emotionally.  Some say it’s endorphins that release into your blood-stream, which is pumping through at a quicker rate than usual because your heart-rate is increased during exercise.  Some say it’s the extra oxygen in your blood from your heart pumping faster.  Some say exercise has an effect on neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine, that release in higher concentration during exercise.  Maybe it’s a combination of all of it.  Who knows?  The science behind it is still a little uncertain.

What I do know is that exercise does make people feel good, feel happy, feel energized, feel euphoric, feel stress relief.

It kind of makes you wonder sometimes why we get so lazy when it comes down to actually doing it.  Sure, it can be hard to take that first step, and it can be hard to push yourself through a workout sometimes.  But you finish a 30 minute, 45 minute, or hour-long workout and you feel great for hours after that, or even longer!


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