Recovery Day and Channeling My New Found Confidence

Recovery Day:

Well, it looks like we finally made it to Recovery Day Friday.  And what a fine day for some good stretching to relax the muscles!  I really feel like I’d like to get a workout in today, but I know that taking a recovery day is just as important in aiding our progress as it is to put the effort in the rest of the week.  Sometimes your muscles need a little time to rejuvenate so that they have the strength to keep going the rest of the week.

We really did have some pretty intense workouts this week, though!  Especially Monday’s Legs & Butt workout, followed by Tuesday’s Total Body Tone, my butt was seriously sore this week!  My shoulders were really sore after Tuesday’s Beautiful Body Pilates Workout using the stretch bands, too.  How is everyone else liking the #giveityourALLgust calendar so far?  Obviously, I am loving it.

Today’s Job Interview:

I did my interview this morning that I mentioned in yesterday’s post.  Let’s just say, I feel pretty confident about my interview, but I am wary about getting my hopes up that I might have gotten the job.  Only 5 people interviewed, and I feel like 3 of us have a pretty decent chance of being selected.  It looks like I’ll have to wait until later next week to find out for sure.  I went in prepared, I knew the answers to all the questions, and I really felt like the interviewers picked up on some good things in my answers as well as what I had on my resume that they asked me to elaborate on, including my graduate degree and my volunteer work.

"What will you gain when you lose?"

“What will you gain when you lose?”

I really tried to channel all of this new-found confidence I’ve gained since I started doing Pilates and making all of this progress on my health and fitness.  It helped when I was getting dressed this morning for my interview, and I had to wear a belt to hold my dress-pants up where they needed to be, and my belt fastened 2 notches smaller than the last time I wore that belt.  That was a nice little boost for sure.  Not to mention my blazer fits a lot better now and I can sit down with the front buttons fastened, which I wasn’t able to do a few months ago.

It reminds me of that Special K commercial… “What will you gain when you lose?”



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