Excuse the Runner’s High and Wish Me Luck!

Today’s Workout:

OW!  I feel good!  Haha, I just finished today’s thigh workout, and then I did about a 10 minute jog.  I worked the heck out of my arms yesterday, and also did a little bit of free-weight lifting with some dumbbells, so they are seriously sore today.  Which I am completely happy with, of course, with my new Arm Goal and all.

And if you haven’t seen my playlist for my Top Ten Songs to Run To, you should seriously check it out.  In fact, turn on your Nike+ Running app right now, hit play on this playlist, and take a little jog right now – or even jog in place right there where you are.  Tell me how you like it!  Seriously!  And then tell me if you feel as PUMPED as I do right now 🙂  #RunnersHigh

And while we’re on the topic of running, I noticed something today during my run.  I keep saying how much my legs are really shaping up, toning up, and thinning out here lately, but I could feel a huge difference today during my run as well.  The movement was just so much easier and more fluid than it has ever felt before.


You know how sometimes things just kind of show up right at the moment you need them to?  Well, that is what happened with this today:


“You’ve got to LIVE like SUCCESS is your only option.” – Cassey Ho, Blogilates

Why did this arrive at just the right time today?  Because, at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, I will interview for a new job position at work.  It is a position I have interviewed for before and didn’t think would come open again any time soon.  I know I at least made the top 5, because only 5 people even got an interview to begin with… and even though I know I would be SO GOOD at that job, and everything I’ve done for the past 6 years in this agency has been preparing me for it… let’s just say, I just hate to get my hopes up.  Because obviously, I felt highly qualified for it the last time I interviewed for it, and I didn’t get it.  And I also felt highly qualified for another position I applied for not too long ago as well (both positions would have been promotions for me), but I didn’t even get an interview for the last one!

So I’m going to take Cassey’s advice.  Wish me luck!


4 comments on “Excuse the Runner’s High and Wish Me Luck!

  1. I look forward to the day that I dont have to put baby powder between my legs when I run… Although now with all the hype of a thigh gap, I’m secretly afraid to tell people I want “my thighs not to rub together when I run” because they may think I’m seeking an unattainable thigh gap. No, I just don’t want big red marks, thanks. 😉


    • Katherine, I know this pain all too well!! Who cares about thigh gap? I just don’t want thigh clap! Lol I usually run with pants on anyway…. Leggings, yoga pants, or something that will cover that area, because otherwise I have literally chafed myself before! (More than once.) I’ve also had to throw away I don’t know how many pairs of favorite jeans because I eventually rubbed a hole right there between my inner thighs. Favorite jeans are hard to come by!!!

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