Tuesday’s Total Body Toning, and New Goal for My Arms

Today’s Workout:

Phew!  You asked for Total Body Tone, you got it.  How about that Ultimate Hot Body Workout, first up on the list today?  This video might be my all time favorite Blogilates video, ever.  Oh, and let me just say that if your booty didn’t get enough of a burn yesterday, then let’s go ahead and burn what’s left of it today with this first video!  By the last video today, Body Slimming Workout-POP Pilates for Beginners, I was thanking my lucky stars it was a beginner’s video with some basic moves.  I definitely recommend that one as a starter video for anyone who’s just starting out.

My Leggies

My Leggies

I feel pretty happy about how my leggies are taking shape these days.  All of my dress pants I wear to work are getting so loose on me, I’m going to need a new wardrobe soon!  I think at this point, I’m down to a size 8, although I don’t have any pants in that size to try on to be sure.

Now if only I could say the same about my arms.  Don’t get me wrong, they are definitely seeing some sculpting action.  They’ve come a long way from where they started 3 months ago, for sure!  But so far, I have yet to look down at my arms and say, These are really looking nice today!

But the legs, yes.

New Goal for My Arms:

So I was kind of thinking… I’m seeing all these great results for the whole rest of my body.  Maybe it’s time to get a little more serious about my arms.  Maybe I should add in something like this a few times a week for a while.  I do want to keep changing it up so that my body doesn’t have time to get used to it and acclimate so that I end up plateauing.  I wish I had a specific goal in mind, as far as knowing when I’ve achieved it, like a certain size in circumference or something, but I wouldn’t know at this point what a good number would be for that.  So for now, I’m going to say that I’m going to add in at least one extra arm workout (either a video, like Victoria Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout, or a Printable like the one below) at least 2 days a week.  I’m going with 2 days since we already have an Upper Body day (Wednesdays) and a Total Body day (Tuesdays) that does a little bit of an arm workout as it is.  So here we go!

Sleek and Sexy Arms


5 comments on “Tuesday’s Total Body Toning, and New Goal for My Arms

  1. This destroyed me. I dont know how some people do the entire video, without modifications, let alone ALL the videos. Cassey says shes hurting but I don’t believe her. I burn in ways that are unhuman.


    • I still have to do modifications on a lot of the moves. I can definitely see progress, being able to do more and more before having to stop for a rest and then jump back in or pushing myself to try the hard way before doing the modifications. Keep at it and you’ll see progress every day.

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