Forget “Skinny Rules,” Here’s 7 Easy Rules for Getting In Shape

Today’s Workout:

Today is Sunday, and that means Cardio Ab Attack on the #giveityourALLgust workout calendar!  This workout looks like it’s going to be another good one.  Only 56 minutes from beginning to end, and you get a little bit of cardio and a whole lot of abs.  I’m looking forward to all of these today, but if I had to pick my top favorite of all of them, I’d say it’s The 5 Best and Most Effective Ab Exercises.

5 best and most effective ab exercises

Blogilates: The 5 Best and Most Effective Ab Exercises

I think the best part of these workouts as a whole is the fact that each day is broken down into several shorter workouts, which make them seem to go by really quickly.  Not only that, but if you don’t have a full hour during the day, chances are you might have 10 minutes before work, 15 minutes during lunch, and 30 minutes before bed, for example.  I usually do all the videos at one time in the evenings, which is what I find works best for me.

Skinny Rules?

Bob Harper's "Skinny Rules"

Bob Harper’s “Skinny Rules”

I came across this list on Pinterest today called the “Skinny Rules” by Bob Harper.  They are described as simple, nonnegotiable principles for getting thin.  Well, quite frankly, I have a problem with a few of these.  Non-negotiable?  Really?  As in, you must follow these so-called “rules” if you want to be skinny?  What a load of rubbish, and here’s why…

Rule 7: No Carbs After Lunch – Well, I’m NOT sorry to say this whatsoever, but I would like to find the person who started this ridiculous notion that all carbs are bad for you and kick that person in the butt.  Guess what?  I eat carbs after lunch EVERY DAY (complex carbs, in moderation), and I’ve still been losing weight consistently for the past 3 months since beginning daily Pilates and eating clean.

Rule 11: Get Rid of Those White Potatoes – Again, this goes back to the “carbs are the enemy” mentality, which is ridiculous.  I often eat roasted red potatoes with baked chicken, or curry potatoes with baked ribs for dinner.  They have yet to make me fat.

Rule 12: Make One Day a Week Meatless – I eat meat every day, at nearly every meal, breakfast included.  My doctor’s visit last week showed great blood pressure, healthy protein levels, healthy blood-sugar, basically healthy across the board.  And, as previously mentioned, I’ve still been consistently losing weight since starting Pilates 3 months ago, and am only a few more pounds away from my healthy weight.  So, you were saying?

Rule 18: Go to Bed Hungry – Are you serious?  This one takes the cake.  Going to bed hungry means your body is not getting something it needs.  Maybe he was trying to say don’t eat right before you go to bed, or within a few hours before going to bed… but that does not mean the same thing as going to bed hungry.  If you’re eating good, healthy food at your dinner then you should be satisfied when you go to bed at night.

The bottom line is, these are not the end-all/be-all of being skinny.  You shouldn’t have to go to extremes to lose weight or stay healthy.  And anyway, skinny does not always mean healthy.  I’d rather be healthy than skinny.  To be honest, the more I learn about health, the more I view “skinny” as a negative word.  I’d rather be described as “fit” or maybe even “toned.”

Nicky’s 7 Easy Rules for Getting In Shape:

So let’s just make it easy for you.  Why?  Because I spent too many years trying it the hard way, and the hard way never worked.  I started doing 1 hour of Pilates 6 days a week (see the Blogilates monthly calendar) paired with eating clean (see an example of my weekly menu), and you can see the results for yourself (see my Before/After photos).

Nicky's 7 Easy Rules for Getting In Shape


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