Saturday Sweatfest and Hiit Printout #3

Today’s Workout:

Today we have Sweatfest Saturday.  It’s a short and sweet workout today, a grand total of 31 minutes for all 3 videos in the playlist.  I do love that 100 Burpee Burnout, though!  There will definitely be sweat involved with that one today.  I think I might throw in an extra video for my butt and thighs today, like POP Pilates: Perky Butt ‘N Long Lean Legs.

I did end up doing Thursday’s workout yesterday, which I felt really good about after I finished, since it was lots of abs and a little bit of cardio.  I’ve been stuck at 147 lbs all week long, it seems, so I hope to really focus some time I have today on getting some extra activity in to break past it.  I still feel pretty happy about how my body is shaping up now, though, and the fact that I haven’t gone any lbs in the other direction is still a pretty good accomplishment for me based on my past experience – PRE-Blogilates!

POP Hiit:

One more thing I want to add in today since I have the time is another POP Hiit printout.  This will be my first time to try this particular print-out, so let’s see how it goes.  It looks like a little more strength circuit training than the actual cardio-type moves in this one, so hopefully it will be a little easier than the previous ones so far.  Those lunge kicks are a little tough on my knees, so I’ll have to modify those, as well as those donkey-kick push ups.  Other than that, let’s do this!

3 - thatpower-Pop HIIT

Blogilates Pop HIIT #3


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