August Workout Calendar Is Here! #giveityourALLgust


Blogilates #giveityourALLgust Workout Calendar

The new workout calendar is here!  It looks like another month of incorporating more cardio in a few of the days each week.  I’m looking forward to what results I will see for this month!  (Because I know I will!)

This month we have:

  • Sunday – Cardio Ab Attack
  • Monday – Legs & Butt
  • Tuesday – Total Body Tone
  • Wednesday – Arms & Back
  • Thursday – Thighs
  • Friday – Recovery Day
  • Saturday – Sweatfest

So this month I’m hoping to get back to my daily posts, now that the dust is sort of settling a bit on my family crisis situation.  However, it might not be possible every day, as I might have a child in my home soon – an almost 3 year old child at that!  I know that will take some adjusting as well, but we’ll see how it goes.  I hope to get a routine established right away with dinner and bedtimes, so that I will still have time for my evening workouts and put in some blog time afterward.

Today’s Workout:

Today we have a Recovery Day, and since I missed yesterday’s workout from an after-work happy hour to say goodbye to a coworker who was promoted to a new position, I’ll be doing that workout instead!  I might throw this one on at the end, but I also might hit up Lubbock’s First Friday Art Trail this evening after work.  Does your city have anything like that?



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