Are You Serious?

Did I really just read that right?  Am I seeing double?  Triple?  Noooooo Wayyyyyy.


1. Regular Squat (x100)

2. Narrow Squat (x100)

3. Back Kick Squat (x100)

4. Side Lift Squat (x100)

5. Plie Squat (x100)

6. Calf Squat (x100)

7. Froggy Squat (x100)

8. #4 Squat (x100)

9. Prisoner Squat (x100)

10. Rolling Squat (x100)


Can I hear someone say, “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!”  Holy moly.  Well, ok.  Alright.  What the heck, right?  I haven’t been sore since I did the Ultimate Thigh Sculptor workout several days ago.  Let’s make it hurt to sit on the toilet tomorrow!

P.S. I’m down to 147.0 lbs today!


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