Thigh Workout and Food Temptation

Today’s Workout:

Today we zero in on those saddle bags!  You feeling that burn?  I know I do!  How about that warm-up on the POP Pilates: Saddlebag Shaver video?  Sexy, huh!  If only my body actually moved that way.  When I try to do that, it just looks… well… it ain’t pretty.  But as usual, I am ever excited that we get to use the Power Ring today in the Ultimate Thigh Sculptor video.  If you’re doing this workout today, tell me which of the videos you felt was the hardest or which one was your favorite?

Food Commercials


Isn’t it funny how you can be doing so well on eating healthy, you’ve really done yourself proud, and then you turn on the TV only to be bombarded with food temptations left and right?  The food commercials are the worst with the pictures of the various entrees, but it doesn’t even have to be a commercial.  It can just be someone eating something in whatever show you’re watching at the moment, and suddenly your taste buds are watering.

These food businesses really know how to play on those conditioned responses we have.  You know, like Pavlov’s dog.  It starts out with smelling the food and then you feel the urge to go check out what smells so good because you’re hungry and want to eat it.  Now, you see that food on TV and you don’t even have to smell it.  You’re already hungry and salivating for it.

What’s even worse is when you see other people around you eating terrible, delicious things.  I’m not sure why or when this all started, but lately it seems like someone is always bringing doughnuts to work and leaving them out for everyone to take one.  Then you start trying to justify it to yourself… It is so early in the day, I’ll have plenty of time to burn this off.  How do you say no to a free doughnut that’s just sitting there, calling out to you?

Then there’s going out to eat.  Sometimes you have to oblige to be social, even though you have a menu you’re following for the week, and maybe even already have a lunch prepared that you brought with you today.  But then someone comes by saying it’s someone’s birthday so we’re all going to have lunch at whatever the choice of restaurant happens to be.  You say to yourself, I’ll just find something healthy on the menu, it won’t be a big deal.  Then you see the menu, smell all that yummy deliciousness that people at other tables are already eating, and a grilled chicken salad just ain’t gonna cut it.

Why is there so much temptation lurking at every turn?  No matter what you do to avoid eating unhealthy foods, it seems like the whole world is against you and it’s nearly impossible to maintain good choices.

What I’ve discovered is that if you’re eating clean, healthy foods and planning ahead of time, you can overcome a lot of that temptation out there.  I’ve also mentioned before – it’s not about restricting myself from eating bad foods.  I just make it a goal to eat more of the good stuff, and when I’m already full from eating nutrient-dense, clean, healthy foods, I’m way less tempted to eat the bad stuff.  I plan out all of my meals for an entire week at a time, which does help me stick to my good choices that I planned ahead for.

What are some ways that you avoid food temptation?


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