One More Thing – Before/After

July 6 ~ July 20

July 6 ~ July 20


I forgot to add this in today’s earlier post!  How can I forget a Before/After post?

(See the first Before/After shot here.)

Today I am down to 151.2 lbs – that’s 10 lbs down from where I started on May 10.  I’m nearly down to a size 8 – my size 10 pants are getting quite loose on me these days!

IMG_20140714_171200Especially in the legs, as you can see in this next photo.  These pants were skin-tight on my thighs, butt, and waist just last month!  I’m finally getting to a point where I can actually see how much my body is changing when I look at myself in the mirror now.  I can also see a difference in my arms, where my tricep area has really been shaping up as well… although that area definitely still has a long way to go.

I am just really happy with the results I keep seeing consistently as I stick with these Blogilates calendar workouts.  They are fun, positive, and upbeat, which has really helped me want to keep coming back to it day after day.  It’s a new workout every single day, so my workout routine is constantly changing, which means my body doesn’t get a chance to get used to it.

If anyone out there hasn’t given Pilates a chance or maybe you tried it a long time ago and didn’t really care for it, I definitely recommend giving Blogilates a try.  I say give the Workout Calendar or even the Beginner’s Calendar ONE WEEK and see what you think.  Even you guys out there who want to tone things up a little bit.



3 comments on “One More Thing – Before/After

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  2. Good for you! So cool to see you making such great changes! I love Blogilates too. I don’t follow the calendars but add her workouts in here and there along with running and some other DVDs I have. I prefer other forms of cardio to her cardio vids, but her toning stuff is THE BEST and I have seen crazy results in my legs over the past two months! Cool to see you doing the same. 🙂


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