Booty Blast, Diet Pills, and Finding Fitness That Works For You

Today’s Workout:

Resistance band workout!  I’m so excited about this one today, because this will be the first time I’ve gotten to use the new resistance-bands I got from Walmart not too long ago.  I got two different sets, the regular stretch bands and these mini circle bands.  I can’t wait until we get more of these equipment workouts.  They really take the Pilates workouts to the next level.

Diet Pills:


I came across this little comic last night that evoked a chuckle.  I can just see the back-story…

Lady goes in to see her doctor asking for a diet pill to help her lose weight.  Doctor says, “You don’t need a diet pill.  These can have terrible side-effects, including heart attack, stroke, heart palpitations, and so forth.  Just add some physical activity at least three days a week, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and you’ll see the weight come off.”  Lady insists she’s tried everything and nothing works, please prescribe her a diet pill.

So doctor, being the intelligent, witty gentleman that he is, makes a compromise they both can live with.  😉

fit13Has anyone ever tried taking diet pills?  I tried it once, many years ago.  I don’t even remember what it was now; just something I found at the grocery store.  All I remember is that, not only did it not work, it also gave me this terrible, jittery feeling of anxiety.  My heart was racing without exerting any effort.  It was not a good experience. It also was not healthy for my body, and thankfully it only took one of those pills to figure out it wasn’t a way I wanted to go.  And by the way… the same goes for those energy drinks.

Find What Works For You:

I think we all have so many reasons for why we want to take the easy way out of getting ourselves healthy.  We’re tired – physically, emotionally, or both.  We’re busy, we don’t have time…

No.     You’re never going to have time.  You have to make time.  You always find a way to make time for things that are important to you.  That’s why you should find a type of physical activity that you actually enjoy doing.

That might mean trying things you haven’t tried before to see if you like it.

That might mean joining a group fitness activity with scheduled meetings. (Kickboxing, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, etc…)

That might mean finding an accountability partner, aka workout buddy to keep you motivated.

That might mean walking around your neighborhood with your family or taking your dogs to the park to play.

That might mean taking dance lessons.

The point is, find something personal to you.  Something that you enjoy and will stick with.  If going to the gym makes you miserable, find ways to work out at home (hello YouTube).  If running/jogging makes you miserable, try kickboxing, dancing, or swimming.  If lifting weights at the gym in front of all the body-builder guys makes you uncomfortable, try Pilates!  Find a fitness class that you like the instructor for or the other people who attend regularly.  Try a fitness app on your smart phone that guides and motivates you.  Join (or start) a weight-loss challenge that you can compete in to win the collected pool of money.

I’ve found that the older I get, the more conscious I am about my health and doing something about it.  Remember this: Yes, it may have been easier to start working on it before it got out of hand… but it’ll be easier to start working on it NOW than waiting until it gets even more out of hand.

No excuses…




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