Planking Gains, Must Increase Cardio, and Hiit Printout

Today’s Workout:

I promise I did not forget about you yesterday!  It was such a busy day all day, I didn’t take a lunch at work and didn’t get around to doing my Blogilates workout until about 9:30 p.m.  Did anyone else make it all the way through yesterday’s Upper Bod workout?  My arms were feeling like jelly by the time I finished.

Today we have a little bit of cardio and a little bit of abs with Cardio Core Thursday.  I’ve really been slacking on my cardio lately, but that is actually one of the things I was working on yesterday after work.  I came home and rearranged one of my spare bedrooms so that I’ll have easier access to use my treadmill at home.  Hopefully this will help me get more cardio in during the week – my goal is at least 4 days weekly.

Plank Challenge Day 5:

IMG_20140715_203520I somehow made it another 5 seconds for Day 5!  Let me tell you, that last minute is a serious struggle.  It really takes pushing myself to keep going, but that’s exactly how I’m going to make myself stronger and stronger.  Who else is seeing improvements on their plank time?


More HIIT:

Since we’re on the topic of cardio today and the goal to get more cardio in for the week, I figured it would be a great time to share another Blogilates Pop HIIT printout!  I think I’ll try this one today and see how many sets I can get until I can’t move anymore.  🙂

Blogilates Pop HIIT #2

Blogilates Pop HIIT #2


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