Sore Glutes, Plank Challenge Day 4, and Sound Advice From Dumbledore

Today’s Workout:

How about that hour-long ab workout today?  I got through all the videos pretty well today, although I didn’t have any paper plates for the first 2 videos in the playlist, so I had to simulate the movements as best as I could without it.  I definitely don’t feel like I got as good of a workout as I would have without the plates, but hopefully I will remember to get some for next time.

And by the way… who else has some sore glutes today?  After Sunday’s Booty Blast and Monday’s Legs and Thighs this week, my booty was feeling the burn today!!

Plank Challenge Day 4:

IMG_20140714_205529Can you believe it?  I made it TEN more seconds for day 4 than I did the previous day.  It was a huge struggle this time because I waited until after my full workout to do it, and my muscles were already pretty fatigued.  Must remember to do plank challenge first, workout second!  How long can you last in plank position?



One more thing I want to leave you with today.  Sometimes in life we have some tough choices to make.  The thing to remember is, what is right may not always be easy; and what is easy may not always be right.  Choose wisely.

right and easy


2 comments on “Sore Glutes, Plank Challenge Day 4, and Sound Advice From Dumbledore

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