Cardio, Core, and My Top Ten Songs to Run To

Today’s Workout:

We’ve almost made it to Friday!  After today’s workout, we get a rest day, and this week it could not come soon enough!  I had a lot of late evenings for work this week trying to get my visits done.  Then yesterday evening when I got home I had to take my little Zoe dog to the vet because I had accidentally given her Claritin D instead of regular Claritin yesterday morning for her allergies, which basically poisoned her!  She was acting like she was on crack, SUPER hyper and couldn’t sit still, running around at turbo-speed.  It was scary!!  We had to leave her overnight to flush out her system with IV fluids and doggy valium.  My poor little Zoe 😦

Me and my Zoe girl

Me and my Zoe girl

Anyway, back to the topic here… Cardio and core workout today.  Those abs had enough of a break yesterday, so it’s time to get them back to work!  Also, in those ABC Abs, does anyone know of healthy or YOLO foods that start with X?  I’ve heard of Xanthan Gum, which is an additive for gluten-free recipes to add more texture and thickness (I think?).  I’m not sure if that would be considered healthy or YOLO, but it does begin with an X!  And P.S. A YOLO food that starts with Y – Yeast Rolls!  (Your mama’s cookin?? Lol that is definitely right – my mama never cooked anything that wasn’t fried!)

Running Playlist:

While we’re also on the topic of Cardio today, I thought I would talk about my current TOP TEN songs on my Running playlist.  Everyone has their favorite songs that really get them pumped up or help set the pace of their run.  For me, I like to find fast-paced and up-beat music that helps me get lost in it and forget about the distress my lungs might be in!  So here is my list, counting down to my favorites (an ecclectic variety, for sure).

10. The Cranberries – Zombie

This song has a nice strong beat to it, very powerful music.

9. ZZ Ward – Put the Gun Down

This song is very up-beat and snappy.

8. Rihanna – SOS

Very strong, high-paced beat on this one.

7. Baby Bash – Cyclone

This one seems a little slower, but it’s got a strong beat to it.

6. Savage – Swing!

Well, this one’s just fun.  It’s got the strong beat and a little faster tempo.

5. Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

This one has some powerful music, which I like.  The tempo is a little slower.

4. Jeremih – Down On Me

This one has a great beat tempo, and I really get motivated when he sings the lyrics, “What?  You work at Bally’s?  Look at your physique.”

3. Neon Trees – Animal

I love the tempo on this song, and it’s very up-beat and fast-paced.

2. Katy Perry ft. Kanye – E.T.

The beat of this song is great for my running, and when the music gets really strong right as it’s transitioning into the chorus, it gives me that extra boost to hit it hard.

1. Fallout Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)

This is my number one favorite song to run to right now.  It’s fast-paced, up-beat, and the instrumentals really give me a boost all the way through this song.  Definitely my “Power Song.”

Let me know what your top ten songs are for running, weight-lifting, dancing, or whatever, and let me know if you like any of my Top Ten list!


7 comments on “Cardio, Core, and My Top Ten Songs to Run To

      • Yes!!! I have a very eclectic taste in music!! Lol!! My run playlist seems so random, but it’s probably my favorite playlist. My all time favorite running song, though, is Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. I usually start out with it, it just gets me going like no other!


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