Progress, Booty Blast, and Not Believing Everything You Hear


One day last week I went to dinner at Golden Corral.  I’d been doing really well on eating clean and watching my calories for the past few weeks, I figured it couldn’t hurt, and I could make good choices without derailing myself altogether.  I did pretty well with the meal, choosing the Rotisserie chicken, a wheat roll, green beans, corn, and a salad.  But then, I made the mistake of walking past those yummy, buttery, fluffy yeast rolls.  I ended up eating 2 of them, and then ate a brownie square and two squares of Rice Krispy treats for dessert.  I felt so full and bloated when I left there, I came home and did Food Baby HIIT and the 100 Burpee Burnout to try to offset some of the damage I’d done!  I did wake up a couple lbs. heavier the next day.  I’ve been afraid of getting on the scale ever since.

Until today.

I’ll start out by saying that before I began this Blogilates journey, I started out weighing about 161 lbs.  Before I had my Golden Corral outing, I had gotten down to 153.8 lbs, but went back up to 155 lbs after.  This morning I got on the scale expecting to see 155 or so, and it turns out I’m down to 153.2 lbs.  This means I have lost 8 lbs total so far!  Now the photo below that Cassey Ho posted today seems very fitting!

Strive for Progress

Today’s Workout

The workout for today is a Booty Blaster!  As I’m writing this, I have not done the workout yet, but I already know that the 5 Best Butt Exercises to Sculpt a Cute Booty video is one of my favorites!  In fact, it was one of the very first Blogilates videos I ever watched.  I remember the day after I had watched that video, I went to the gym and was doing a few of the moves I’d seen from it, like that rainbow move and of course the bridge pulses, while I did my workout.  That’s probably when I actually decided to start doing these workouts!

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear – Choose Wisely

One more topic I want to talk about today before I finish up this post is about what information we are hearing every day and learning how to decipher between what is good, accurate information, and what might not be completely true or even true at all.

There are so many things posted on the internet now days, and a lot of times the information provided is not accurate, yet so many people blindly accept things as “truth” because they read it in some article on the internet.  Sometimes people writing these articles will provide information and hide lies and inaccurate information among a lot of things you already know to be true, so that you’re more likely to believe all of it.  I just want to encourage everyone to stop taking everything at face value and challenge yourself to dig deeper to learn the truth.

You might be wondering what brought on this topic in the middle of a blog about my Blogilates Transformation Journey.  Well, I posted last week about a vlogger who was bashing Blogilates and claiming that toning exercises are “BS.”  I had commented to him that he should post a video of himself actually doing one of the Blogilates videos all the way through, because talk is cheap and seeing is believing.  Well, turns out, he did (kind of).  Of all the Blogilates videos he could have done, he chose to do Glad You Came Calves.

I hate to do this, but I’m going to go ahead and post his video so everyone can see what I’m referring to, even though I don’t like the idea of boosting his view count and giving him the attention he’s trying to get by posting the videos in the first place.

So basically, this guy claims to be an “athlete” and that no Blogilates workout could possibly challenge him because he can squat 300 lbs and does workouts “infinitely superior” to any of the Blogilates workouts every day.  He does this workout, which by the way, was a funny choice, in my opinion, out of all the Blogilates videos he could have done that actually had some Pilates moves in it, focusing on strengthening the core.  Instead, he chose a video with one move the entire time… calf raises.  He talks about how easy it is throughout the video, even though the struggle is showing all over his face.  Then he claims he could keep going when the Blogilates video workout is done, but only does maybe 3 more reps after that.

The main thing to consider here, is that this guy is trying to get a point across that is untrue.  I’m not saying he’s lying; no, he seems to truly and genuinely believe his information is true and accurate.  The problem is, he’s still wrong about some things.  He makes the claim, “Cassey specifically makes claims these back exercises tone and sculpt your back. This is a blatant lie. Nothing you can say can deny this.”  He’s saying that doing back exercises will not sculpt or tone your back.  (He actually believes this??!)  The only difference between the exercise he does and the exercise we do in Pilates/Blogilates is that he uses more weight than we do.  Well, duh!  We have different goals than he has!

He touts that you can do a basic Google search to see that he’s right, and believes that articles on are “scientific research.”  Actual scientific research involves a significant amount of data, control groups, calculations, and controlling for outlying factors.  Once a study is done, it must be reviewed by the scientific community, true scholarly experts in that particular field (scholars, professors, researchers, etc.), for a rigorous set of standards that it must comply with.  Scientific research is not published on web pages like – it is published in scholarly journals.

Always consider the source(s) of information before you believe everything you hear.  Set your own goals, and do what you enjoy and what works for you, because everyone is different.  Different strokes for different folks!  (Yes, I was raised in the country.)


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