Cardio, Core, and Quit Procrastinating!

Cardio and core workout today.  I’m still sore from Tuesday’s Hard Core workout and Wednesday’s Upper Bod workout!  Isn’t it crazy how good it feels to be sore from your workouts?  I am very much liking all these core workouts we’re getting this month!!

Here is today’s playlist of workout videos:

That Waist Whittlers 100 Challenge is no joke!  You start out like, oh yeah, I got this.  Piece of cake.  Next thing you know, your muscles are rebelling against you and you’re wondering how you’ll be able to keep pushing through much longer.  I still can’t do this one all the way through without taking some breaks in there, especially the further along into it you get, but I’m still getting stronger every day!  One of these days, I’ll get there!

I also wanted to share a picture I saw yesterday evening that my uncle shared on his Facebook page.  I thought it was so valid, and in fact, I had just talked to my supervisor at work about the exact topic earlier that day.  He had mentioned that he’s waiting until after his birthday in a few months to really get back into working out.


I’ve never appreciated this future approach to start working toward your goals.  In fact, my supervisor has told me more than once that my life motto must be, “It should have been done yesterday.”  I’m not one to let things sit and wait until later.  I’m more of a RIGHT NOW, Let’s get it done kind of person.  I think this comes from my childhood when I’d ask my mom for permission to do something, and she would tell me, “If you have to have an answer now, the answer is NO.”  I’m not sure if I turned out that way because it bothered me, or if it bothered me because I was already that way.

Either way, I say if you’re really invested in your commitment to achieving your goals, why would you want to put it off for later when you could start now?  You’re not going to wake up tomorrow and say, man, I’m sorry I went ahead and started making progress on that goal already.  You’re going to wake up tomorrow, feel the momentum you’ve already started, and get excited about taking the next step.  Even if you just start out with a little, that’s something!


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