Finishing Up ReJUNEivate Calendar and Eating Clean

Today I want to talk a little bit about how I’ve incorporated clean eating into my daily life, and I want to follow up with my thoughts on finishing up the June Blogilates workout calendar.

Eating Clean

I want to start off here by saying that I hate the word “diet.”  Diets never have and likely never will work for me.  Why?  Because as soon as someone (including myself) tells me I can’t have something when it comes to food, that’s exactly the thing I’m going to want.  I will begin to obsess about food to the point where it’s all I can think about.  Then I’ll eventually give in and be worse off than when I started.  Restricting myself does not work.

What does work for me?  Making it a goal to eat MORE of the good stuff.  It’s like playing a Jedi-Mind-Trick on my brain.  It’s my goal to drink MORE water.  I’m not restricting myself from having any Vanilla Coke Zeroes, but since my goal is to drink MORE water, I find it easier to choose water over the sodas.  Sure, I still drink a Diet Coke once in a while.  That’s the beauty of it.  Likewise, I make it a goal to eat MORE fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, complex carbs, and unprocessed foods.

Below is an example of the weekly menus I make.  I use this menu to make my grocery list and I only buy what I need for my meals at the grocery store.  If that’s all I have to eat at my house, then I’m much more likely to stick to the plan.  When making this menu for the week, I look at sale ads for the store I shop at so that I’m still saving money in the process, and I also try to look at what I already have stocked in my pantry.

Weekly Menu Example

Weekly Menu Example

I got the ideas for my meals by going through the Blogilates 12 Week NewBodyMakeover Meal Plan.  I went through the entire 12 weeks of meals and made a list of the foods I’d actually eat and used that to make my own weekly menu.  As you can see, I still splurge a little here and there (mac n cheese for dinner on Thursday, Curry potatoes for dinner on Friday).  But everything is delicious, nothing takes too much time or effort to make, and I’m never hungry!!  I think I’ve actually drank an afternoon protein shake once in the 3 weeks I’ve been doing this so far, simply because I’m just not hungry.

ReJUNEivate Calendar Wrapping Up

Blogilates June 2014 Workout Calendar

Blogilates June 2014 Workout Calendar

Here we are with only 2 more days left in June, including today!  I can’t believe how quickly this month flew by, and I can’t believe even more so, that I did the workouts for EVERY SINGLE DAY so far on this workout calendar!  That is a SERIOUS accomplishment for me.  Even more so, that I haven’t missed a day yet since I started on May 10!  I’m really excited about the new calendar for July that should be posted sometime tomorrow.  What will it be called??  My idea was “hi-fi-July” with hi High Intensity and fi FItness.  Whatever it will be called will surely be inspiring.

Today’s Workout

Today the playlist is the very last Shred It! day for the month.  I have to say, I was a little afraid of those Shred days before I started them this month, but once I actually jumped in and started doing them, they weren’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated.  I actually really liked the way they sort of worked your whole body.  (Although I must admit, I feel like I got better results from last month’s calendar with each day doing an hour-long focus on specific areas of the body.)  I guess I had the idea that the Shred It!! workouts would just be a full hour of cardio videos, which I sort of love to hate and hate to love.  I think cardio is one of those personal things that everyone has their own type(s) they enjoy doing while the rest of the types kind of suck.  For me, I like to jog on the treadmill and I like to swim.  I also enjoy salsa dancing, even though I haven’t gone in a couple years and I’m kind of terrible at it.  Other than that, cardio is not fun for me.

Here is the YouTube Playlist for today’s workout:

Who else is following the Blogilates calendar this month?  What were your thoughts on the workouts?


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