Starting a Journey – Blogilates Style

Hello POPsters and friends!  I am so excited about the transformation I’ve seen so far doing Blogilates.  I stumbled across Cassey Ho and Blogilates  recently in early May 2014.  I loved the articles and videos so I subscribed.  It wasn’t long before I began doing the monthly calendar – May 10, 2014, to be exact.  There is a beginner’s calendar, but I wanted to jump right into the regular monthly calendar since I do go to the gym several days a week and run most days of the week already.  It didn’t take long to learn that this was a whole different ball-game than what I was used to.

I stuck with it for a week before realizing that this was DIFFERENT!  I could FEEL my muscles underneath all those layers of fat I’ve been carrying around for way too long.  I could FEEL things firming up and starting to get toned, especially in my core.  I started taking Before/After photos, and I take a new photo about every week.  I wasn’t seeing any difference on the scale at first, but when I saw that first week of progress, WOW!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Now, with a whole month under my belt, I’m just AMAZED.  Here is my latest Before/After photo:

4 Week Progress

4 Week Progress

It wasn’t long before I started taking Cassey’s advice and incorporating a Clean Eating meal plan.  I started making weekly menus including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between meals, so that I’m never hungry and I’m sticking to the meals I planned for.  I’m also only buying good, healthy, whole foods at the grocery store by making a list with just what I need to make each of the meals I planned for.  This has proven to be a lot easier and more yummy than I thought it would be.

This is what I had for dinner last night:

Steamed Salmon, Green Beans, Spinach Salad

Steamed Salmon, Green Beans, Spinach Salad

Using those Ziploc steamer bags, this meal literally took less than 10 minutes to make!  I’ve also made several of the Blogilates Cheap Clean Eats, like the Flourless Pizza, and made the Healthy Cheeseburgers, but with whole wheat buns instead of portabella mushrooms.  They were both great!  We make those burgers about once a week now with some baked sweet potato fries.  Mmm 🙂

Please leave a comment about your own transformation story with Blogilates, or you can also leave questions if you don’t know what Blogilates is yet!


5 comments on “Starting a Journey – Blogilates Style

  1. Dang! I see what you mean! I have a really weird question tho. Did you have any stretch marks anywhere and if so did they diminish?? I have some on my tummy and I desperately want them gone. Long story short broke my leg twice and I got fat. Lol


    • I have been really lucky, I haven’t gotten any stretch marks. I guess my weight gain was gradual enough that it didn’t do that. I have read a lot about stretch marks, and I’ve seen a lot of different and conflicting information about it, so it’s hard to tell who’s right or maybe it’s just different for everyone. Have you tried using any creams like cocoa butter or something called Strivectin?


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